The new heads in the recent update

I have really been critical of the vanilla game but, honestly, I have still played it quite a bit where I could and especially since the Claptrap DLC so I was surprised how sad it made me to see the heads that came with the recent update. Turkey heads, snowman heads, etc. It made me realise that 2k Australia was likely planning alot more stuff and events for this game but since they have closed, GBX is just giving us this content now as an update. I would have loved to have seen more content on this game…especially since the story DLC was so good.



Damn you tax collectors.

Yeah those were clearly Thanksgiving and Christmas events-that-never happened heads / skins.


Does this mean that the items like the Wetwork and Machine won’t be used in a event either? I would’ve loved to have those rifles D:

Well, it got a bit silly.

In my case this patch unlocked the heads your supposed to gett by buying the TFTBL Season Pass.

I am really interested in The Machine.

There are like 8 or so weapons that are unused IIRC.

Including a Moxxi RL LOL.

I believe that that was the Creamer, which is a BL2 item left in the files for some reason.

I don’t know wtf 2k did but they made such a mess of the customization system in this game. I didn’t have any issues in BL2, but in this game random heads and skins are unlocked and I even have the gearbox skin unlocked as default for Aurelia…

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