The new hot fix is a little too much

After playing bl3’s new hot fix the game has not been as fun because the nerfs to fl4k are a little too much because I’m dealing no damage as him anymore plus the queens call and kings call are useless because there was a high risk high reward to it and now there’s no reward. I love this game but I’m not having fun anymore because of the new hot fix and I’ve lost my entire bank twice (100 legendaries which included my vip and super deluxe edition items). The entire borderlands series to me is to feel like a badass but that not the case anymore. I get it the fl4k nerfs were needed but not to this extent.


Don’t use the augment? My FL4K works just fine without it and I’m not running a meta build with meta gear


Yeah I’ve been using FA more as a escape then for DPS so the patch did nothing to me, but there are other builds to try out.

Now the nerf to the guns really didn’t hit me much because I haven’t found a lvl 50 version of any of the calls, but I am excited to go home and try my Lucians and Lyuda adter the buffs they got.

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He still does plenty of damage as you can see here, post nerf boss killings



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The Fl4k nerfs have really only impacted the amount of time you can spend in Fade Away. The crit nerf is negligible if you’re getting crit bonuses from anywhere else. You shouldn’t be losing too much dps unless you’re overly relying on Fade Away.


What sniper is that?

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The lyuda

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That shows nothing, the Lyuda could have +120% or what ever after using action skill.
He doesn’t show gear.

No anointment Fl4k can have will trigger a bonus like that during his action skill. He can only get ones that trigger at the end or one that will improve accuracy and handling.

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People are far too focused on the wrong aspect of this nerf. GITM was your only real source of mob clearing in a typical crit build, and going from 8 seconds to 6 seconds doesnt give you any time to find targets to clear, which makes you much less useful in literally anything that isn’t a boss. They’re planning on releasing higher tier mayhem modes on the future, you’re gonna wish you had that couple extra seconds of action skill.
Not to mention, cutting into his action skill just takes away the whole flavor of the build. It was a really cool idea, it’s a fun build, they really should look literally anywhere else if they were trying to nerf his boss busting, I don’t like these changes at all, and their words lead me to believe they’re eventually end up trying to nerf Leave No Trace as well. I wish they’d leave him alone, I haven’t been excited to see a single pat h in this game so far and it’s only been two weeks.


i still kill all bosses in under 20 seconds (without time spent in immunity). Still by far the best character to farm bosses with. What i am a bit concerned about was the no moze nerf. She is basically invincible right now. That needs a fix.

I’d honestly rather them not make any more nerfs, I don’t like the direction their “balances” are heading.


Just play Moze, even before the hotfix she was already so much better.

He got pretty good rolls, one positive and a negative one being an overall improvement to his dps, so the shortened fade away duration doesn’t hurt him.
When you got 2 -dps mods and not be able to kill him during those 6 sec it’ll hurt a lot more.

People are given free crits and deception on steroids and still complain. Zer0 dealt with op10 with only having one shot out of deception and only criting when actually criting.


Lyuda + Graveward = instakill on anyone tbf. That said, the reduced duration doesn’t seriously impact most boss fights since Fl4k could kill them in under 6 seconds anyway.

What it does impact is his mobbing rhythm and efficacy- 8 to 5 seconds for an action skill with hefty cooldown is a serious hit to mobbing rhythm. I’m sure he’s still good/viable but it seems to be a sledgehammer approach that uneccessarily negatively impacts his effectiveness an area where he wasn’t super powerful (mobbing) while he’s still the best at bossing anyway. There was definitely a more elegant way to go about this.


I agree Zer0 is better designed and free crits/autoaim isn’t a mechanic I like in general, but the ability to do more in Fade Away is balanced by its far heftier cooldown. It needs to be longer for a mobbing rhythm that feels good.

In terms of base cooldown, Decepti0n is second only to Phaselock and the strongest relic in the game could reduce its cooldown even further. And you could apply Kunai during Decepti0n which lasted 8 seconds and gave a serious damage buff, if less than Decepti0n itself (GiTM is effectively Kunai with a twist). Melee builds could extend that duration significantly by MMF and still have excellent cooldown. As such Zer0 had a much better rhythm than Fl4k does now.


agree so why not make it less skilleslly powerful but faster for better combat loop. get aimed crits hit for less but do it more often, sounds fair and fun.

You don’t need GitM for mobbing at all, its way overkill. Hold it for a badass and use it to focus them down.

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