The new hot fix is a little too much

sorry but you cant kill any badass or anointed in 5 sec fa m3 and when you get 3 anointed at once and 2 hardened badasses what should i do its not fun at all dying every 5 seconds


You don’t need it, but at the same time for mobbing there was no need to nerf it either since Fl4k was not broken in that area.

The reason it was nerfed, Fl4k’s bossing prowess, remains basically untouched after this but his good action skill-gameplay rhythm for regular game segments took a serious hit given FA already has a substantial cooldown.


What gear and gun are you using? Do you check the Mayhem modifiers?
I can kill 2 badassses with a butcher on Mayhem 3 with 2 points in persistence hunter and severely damage a third if non of them are the extremely tanky kind.

Fast firing weapon for crits can literally get fade away back in less then 5 seconds

Im talking about badasses with armor and rocket launcher or hardened tinks shield armor not normal ones maybe im just bad but even hellwalker spam in the face is not enough xD

Getting a cryo night hawkin with the x3 bullets. Talking about getting fade away back instantly with hitting crits and it’s even better now with the hotfix

I was rather dissapointed by the nerfs. I think I’ll have to rethink my build and possibly use a different action skill.

I was very disappointed with the nerf. Lost my bank to a glitch and it made my Rowans call much less fun. Ive also seen amara and moze builds that were melting bosses just as fast as I used to and now faster… but with the Lyuda changes I switched my build and killed Graveward even faster.

Stalker capstone and lyuda with +100% after action skills make rakk worth it since it ends on use and the cooldown keeps the capstone buff going. Id prefer fadeaway since the Rakks laughable on mayhem 3 but its cooldown kills it for what Ive been doing.

Would love to see fadeaway cd drop and maybe give some crit back to GitM. With a lower cooldown, id rather not use GitM and take the higher crit bonus with annointed buffs.

They damage loss isnt that bad the time is the killer. They could drop the extra damage and give me the time back and I’d rather have that


This really doesn’t make much sense. Fl4k isn’t Moze, Krieg or Brick - he isn’t built to run without an action skill such that he would only pull it out for badasses. He lacks the tankiness and the QOL to do that. That’s like saying Phaselock on Maya should be designed in a manner where it can be only pulled out for badass enemies - its inane.


Yep ive stopped playing i just cant bothered with it anymore never in this franchise’s history have i lost interest this fast, gearbox has given into the it isnt fair mentality of people today, this is what other developers i shall not name do, i thought gearbox was one of the good ones evidently not anymore.

Can we please stop using Graveward as a benchmark?

Just to put things in perspective, this is Zane killing Graveward

Do you think Zane needs a nerf after watching this?


I personally use rakk attack…i dont think the time nerf to Flaks skill was the best move. I would argue that it hurts his mobbing and fun factor. There has to be a better way to bring his dps down. For example i straight up suck at aiming… im only gonna get so many shots off on multiple targets, and with a time nerf fadeway becomes much less interesting for me. Thus im on rakk attack. This new nerf makes the fun ammo reward i got for the times where i dont suck go away. It really does seem weak now. Why not a .25 second cooldown? Then move from there?

I dont think the nerfs impacted fl4k that much, I just wish you could save skill trees and easily switch between them. Now every time I wanna go do something different I have to respec at sanctuary before I can go do something

Why ?? So moze mains can be as miserable as us flak mains, nerfing is a cancer and a lazy way of balancing the characters, who cares if she is invincible i really couldn’t care less, its not affecting my game or anyone elses, what they need to focus is all the gamebreaking bugs like console shut downs and terrible framerate drops in menus, when i join a friend’s game theirs a 50/50 chance my xbox one x will hard reset and turn off, that is what they should be working on first in my opinion.


As a Fl4k main this is just so sad to see, seems like gearbox doesn’t understand that we as players enjoy being overpowered and having the ability to melt enemies. Its just not fun to play as Fl4k anymore and i dont really care for the other vault hunters so im just not playing the game anymore, sucks, hopefully they stop with all the nerfs and put Fl4k back to his old self so i can come back to the game, but until then, im out.

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Its not affecting you when you play solo correct. But bl3 is still a multiplayer game and there are actually people who play it with their friends or random people. And those games are affected. Game breaking bugs have to be fixed too. Only because both exists, imbalances and bugs, doesnt mean only one of them can be fixed.

And if you really have to ask, why being permanently invincible while throwing unending swarms of grenades that home to their target and clear any map faster than every other character or build ever could, was unhealthy for the game, then we will never come to the same conclusions.

Honestly, how is FL4K weak right now? Rowan’s call got a +20% damage buff, ricochets 2 bullets, and gives you back 2 bullets. you can literally infinitely fire for the entire duration of fade away, with tons of bullets spraying at every enemy. It’s insane. FL4K is still ridiculously powerful. And yes I’m on mayhem 3.

You melt entire hordes in fade away, and assuming your aim isn’t horrid you can still melt with outside of fade away.

And then there’s the shotgun with 3k damage that ricochets bullets too… Remove guerillas of the mist, get +200% crit damage along with unblinking eye +75% crit damage per pump of the shotgun, EVERYTHING dies.

So they want me to play with only this gun to be good in m3 ? What you think will happen when they see that flac is good with RC or Lyuda ? They will tell you in the patch notes that 2 bullet return was unintended.


There are people using rakk builds.

If you want ammo return, use an ammo return gun? I never said that was the only gun possible. I even gave you other examples of guns to use, like the hellwalker shotgun which has over 5k base damage and ricochets bullets.

There are many ways to make the crit build incredibly strong without relying on leave no trace…