The new loader pet for fl4k makes total sense

Yeah he is a beastmaster, yes the loader isn’t a beast, but :
Gameplay wise i think this was the best choice possible.
Fl4k need another range pet, and in the borderlands universe the only beast able to use guns is the jabber.
So if you consider the devs wanted to add anoter pet with guns, the loader was the only logical choice.
It also fits quite well thematically with shields.


Or a varkid who can shoot webs and poisoned or other element bombs on enemies. Also you can just place a gun on the back of a dinosaur or a rakk. Imagine a rakk with two miniguns flying like a jet and throw bombs on enemies.


Also some of the maliwan dogs have turrets on their backs. We also could’ve have our own version of the lasodactyle. Infact you can strap guns on to alot of the animals in borderlands hell can you imagine a thrasher with like 6 tentacles and each one has a gun at the end. And Don’t give me some unrealistic bs we literally just went inside krieg’s head using a spaceship because science.

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I want sharks with frickin laser beams attached to their heads!


why not flying beams with sharks attached to their heads ?


As others have said there are other ranged animals. As for a loader I look at it two ways. Fl4k is a robot that cares for animals, including other robots. Anything loader related increases sales because of the nostalgia from BL2.

There are also saurians with missile pods and laser guns attached to them and a lot of people would’ve liked to have a pet dinosaur.


It breaks the theme. Each of Fl4k’s existing pets are animals, but with one cyber prosthetic.

The new pet loader is actually a beast piloting a mech.

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Yeah… I’m super disappointed that I am not getting a dinosaur pet.

It’s practically a crime.

people make fuss of anything and everything for no reason, there is plenty to complain about in this game but pets race gender ain’t one

We literally had a sidequest chain involving cybernetically enhanced and equipped saurians on Eden-6. They had a shoe-in for a perfectly versatile new pet and having it focused on shields/tech use would have even made sense calling back to those sidequests.


I agree wholeheartedly. Devs, take note!

We also had the entirety of DLC 3.