The new loot system sucks!

Not sure what happened but you have totally screwed up the game! The first week I played, I will admit, I got a few legendary items that probably came a little early. Apparently, you have “fixed” the game now so that I don’t get a damn thing! You’d think that when killing the final boss, or any boss for that matter, that you’d be guaranteed a legendary item. Well I haven’t gotten nothing! I finished the campaign once and am now on my second play through on TVHM. It’s a lie! The loot sucks! I just killed the the boss in the first vault and it dropped all greens! When I opened the chests inside the vault, all greens again! Thanks for kill the game for me! I’ve never posted on a forum like this in my entire life but this frustrates me so bad that I had too! No need to reply with some kind of BS answer. Just letting you know that you killed my game! Hope you have good luck keeping players around cause you just ran one off! I’m out

I noticed a drop as in loot as well

You know that after completing the first play through you can turn on Mayhem Mode (1, 2 or 3) and farm a few bosses for oodles of legendaries right? I haven’t even started TVHM and also haven’t farmed that much, just rerunning maps completing side missions and crew challenges, and I have both a backpack and bank full of legendaries and uniques. Even on Mayhem 1 I’ve gotten legendaries in white & toilet chests and an occasional grenade mod in a basic ammo chest. Might be worth a try.


Well… you should know that as soon as I posted this, I had 2 really good items to drop! One being the “Cloud Kill” SMG. Freakin awesome gun! Idk what’s going on though, maybe it’s just my luck on RNG? I haven’t done a lot of farming bosses, I’m the kind of player that tries to find everything. Usually I have a crap ton of gear but not so much as of yet.

Bosses and mini bosses are the best farms,along with the hammerlock hunts,and rare spawns. Those rare spawns though. Be patient… lol