The "New Name Game": RE-Introduce yourself! (Screen name changes)

Who changed screen names from the old forums? Feel free to post your old name as your new name so we know which new name corresponds to which old name. Name… Name name name.

Let the New Name Game begin!

I’ve had this handle since 2002. Made it while playing Halo online before xbox live was out. Played Halo on It has been with me ever since. Must not be very popular.

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I used to be Mr.Sandman, now im Mr_Sandman. Which is a shame since I tried both and liked the “.” better but accidently pressed enter.

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I like the underscore, Sand.

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It is growing on me, im glad spaces arnt allowed so my evil doppleganger cant follow me, he stole my testing acess and I’ll never forgive him * shakes fist *

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I used to be BlueLime.
(not really)

Same name, diffirent avi, though the ‘m’ got capitalised so I guess I got a slightly diffirent username.

I’ve always wondered, is “Metalhead” a reference to your taste in music, or a Jak and Daxter reference?

I never played Jak and Daxter actually.
So yeah, it refers to my taste in music though metal isn’t the only thing I like music-wise.

Oh well, now my mind-image of you will have to change, its probably for the best :dukejk:

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Same name just different avatar. Dropped the dancing machine know as Gir and cropped up the old steve sig for the new avi.


Pretty much the same as before for myself, though I’ve gained a capital G. Looking forward to beefing up my avatar at some point.

Gorb; Gorbles being my usual alternative when Gorb is always damned taken :stuck_out_tongue:

Old name: SlackerBoe

thefaceofboe is my preferred fourm handle. SlackerBoe is what I take whenever a fellow whovian has already claimed the name. New to the forums, long times borderlands fan!

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Still Dannydlm, fairly unique so I was Glad i could grab it again xD

Axlerate, reporting for duty!
Glad I could keep my original name. Saves me figuring out a new one.

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I had to add a V to my name because my old Forum name was already in use on ShiFT. It’s just not the same :frowning:

Im itsTwister and I used to be itsTwister, no Im not new here I just came here to do a bad joke.

I was a tester so obviusly Im cooler then yall.

I was tester too, but I didn’t test anything and the story is hilarious. Thus I’m cooler.

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I was AMG, now I’m AMG_75.