The new OPs Boss legendary is useless (Spoiler)

A Wrench, that says all.

It’s “Legendary" effect is to boost the attack + defense pending on your OPs points

So… if we don’t get to see Bargranth like Boss Fight in future OPs, this is so damn useless, you wouldn’t believe it…

There might be some ops where there are a ton of buildables and they are crucial at certain points in map. If that Wrench worked in normal story I would definatly use it on The Experiment or Saboteur.

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This is what I’m hoping for as well. Also, I’m guessing you could use it to speedrun the op solo by building all the turrets that pepper the map but I haven’t tried it.

Only if you run a 0 cost Shard Generator, there are just too many Turrets to activate the Wrench early on and tgat would kind of kill the meaning of “speed run” if you first wait for the activation.

I also wonder if the full OPs points effect works with less than 100 Ops…

This legendary doesn’t really make sense. At least Aria’s Encore made sense in helping speedrun the DLC, as it gave you a much needed damage boost to help with the boss fight. A wrench that only increases buildables is pointless. By the time you reach enough ops to have a considerable effect on them, you’re already done with the majority of the DLC. Not even considering the cost of the wrench making it even more pointless.

If the boss fight had a focus on buildables I’d understand but it doesn’t so… not sure what it can be used for.