The New realism Mission pack is now available!

This will be the official thread for this mod/realism map pack.

Realistic Modifications to some of the single player Maps for Brothers in arms. Realistic weapon disperstion for Germans (so no platoons with only stg44s) -Added 30 cal and mg42 machine gun emplacements. -More solders in some levels -Realistic number of enemy tanks and increased tank difficulty while reducing the number of tanks in certain missions. --MORE!!! See the Readme.

Download here:

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Nice work, jmoney!
I just tried Alternate Route and Ripe Pickings…
The cal.30 are too far away from the house, imho

Yay glad you liked! Maybe I can do something similar. As far as the two 30 cals on ripe pickings, did you use them on the Germans in the final counter attack?

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Naah, Corrion used one of them :wink: I sticked with Red, Zano and Obi to have a mobile fire base

@Jmoney1 i downloaded and installed Your New realism Mission pack for both RtH30 and EiB.

So far i managed to only test the changed RtH30 maps.

First of all, i did not used those 3 mutators below (i used all the others, that You listed in the Readme to improve the SP gameplay on those maps):

-> CombatZone,

-> WarZone,

-> BattleZone.

I just wanted to play classic story without extra troops on any side.

After playing all of the replaced RtH30 maps, those are my feedbacks:

-> in general the gameplay seem to be easier, when you removed some enemy vehicles from certain SP chapters (You claimed that You did this for realism),

-> the best change in my opinion is the addition of 2 stationary Browning 30 cal positions in “Ripe Pickings” (brilliant idea). Seeing Red firing from MG to incoming Germans is a pure pleasure ;),

-> the Germans use the weapons, that were more common between them like MP40 and K98 Mauser (instead of just one type like MP44) - i like this feature very much,

-> i noticed some strange model glitches - i.e. Cole character got stuck in “Cole’s Charge” chapter and he must be “pushed” by player near the farmhouse wooden fence to start his speech (the one that occurs after taking the farm). Otherwise, the second checkpoint would not be activated.

-> it seems that You decreased the number of Germans in the “No better spot to die chapter” - especially on the end, when Baker need to find US tanks; by the way - why You removed all the German Panzer IV tanks from this chapter? I saw on one of the “Band of Brothers” serial episodes, that US soldiers faced at least one Stug III.

-> great idea to put 2 Browning 30 cal in “Tom and Jerry” chapter in RtH30 - it added more possibilities for the US defenders to repel the German counter-attack.

-> You managed to add another player controlled squad to “Alternate Route” chapter. It is always nice to have more troops under direct command. I did not know, that this would be ever possible - splendid work Sir!

My suggestions for future map changes in RtH30:

-> You could maybe try to add a portable Mortar for an additional US squad controlled by player in some of the RtH30 chapters,

-> You could maybe try to relocate some German defenders to fight from buildings interiors, because this would be a good solution for some RtH30 chapters.

I will try tomorrow to play and test Your Mission pack for BiA:EiB.

Thank You for Your whole modding work! I really appreciate Your skills and effort!

Thanks for detailed review and suggestions. Glad you liked them. I do think perhaps 30 cal could be replaced closer to house in ripe pickings and maybe another 30 cal added on the ground level on tom and jerry.

As for a mortar team, that might require more coding learning. Do you have access to the sdk? There is a good modding to tutorial that can show anyone how to edit maps. You guys really should do what you have to do to get that sdk. You can get a cheap old windows xp computer for $100 and use it just for modding. That what I did. I play the game on a windows 7 pc. But I have the game installed with the sdk on the windows xp pc for modding.

Oh and i removed the tank on no better spot to die because based on after action reports, there was no German armor to the right flank. tanks were only coming from the from over the ridge line. And in the game there is still that one tank that comes and knocks out Baker.

I don’t have actually access to SDK, but I will try to install it when I find some time and willingness ;).

I have somewhere a disc with Windows XP, so maybe Vmvare would be need at least (or dual boot option).

I am using my Laptop with Windows Vista OS installed for playing BiA:RtH30 and EiB.

You are right @jmoney1 with those enemy tanks. Actually they attacked from the ridge line - as it was depicted in “Band of Brothers” series produced by HBO. You did well.

As i promised i played and tested also Your changed maps for some of the Earned in Blood Single Player chapters. As earlier i did not used CombatZone, BattleZone and WarZone mutators.

Again, you did a great work @Jmoney1! :slight_smile:

I would like to post below my feedback from playing the edited EiB chapters:

-> You reduced the number of German troops on those maps, but the existing ones are aggressive and tough opponents - they often flank the player and his squad and when You are not careful they will kill You in matter of seconds. The Germans respond very quick to player moves and actions (i.e. flanking). When outnumbered or in the open terrain - the Germans try most of the time to relocate to find suitable firing spots. So, even better and more realistic AI behavior than from RtH30,

-> You gave the German troops more appropriate weapons, according to their rank and type (like FG42 only for Paratrooper units),

-> You reduced the number of enemy tanks, but You made them more dangerous than default. They seem to move more often and further, which looks better now.

My only suggestion for You this time would be: please @Jmoney1 give us more! :wink:

Do You plan to change some other maps from RtH30 and EiB according to historical realism?

You made the gameplay on those changed maps more balanced and enjoyable.
In combination with Rendroc’s WarZone mods, Marcomix Realistic Weapons and Your sound mod this is truly a great entertainment ;).

Thanks for the feedback!! Much appreciated! Maybe I can make changes in near future!

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Awesome work for this remastered mods. Take me back to the good old day with the original version but this one is surely what Gearbox should’ve done to make their games very realistic. Might play the other mods but this one is favorite!

I will give this a try when i find the time :smiley:
From what i read you did an amazing job with this mod!

Thanks gents glad you guys enjoy it! Hmmm as far as making changes, I’m not sure what else more I should do or add. I would at the 30 cal to the eib maps but I believe Rendroc said the 30 cal isn’t ported into that game. I’ll check on it.

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