The new rough rider

Playing the new DLC and found a shield called the Incentive. Red text reads: “You’re only given a little spark…”
It has 0 for all stats, just like the rough rider, but the text states you gain 13% damage reduction and deal 13% more damage, as well as 50% extra HP.
Mine has increased reload speed while depleted (so always, I assume), but think that’s optional.

Anyone else found this, or any other red text items of blue/purple rarity in the new DLC? =]

Yeah but mine wasn’t anointed. I plopped in on right away though just to test it out. I dont think it actually gives 50% max health though unless something is calculated funny

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Might be before guardian rank bonuses, etc. What is your before and after?

I have one of these, but stats are perfectly normal. Nowhere close to Rough Rider… Might be a glitch.

It does give you +50% BASE HP at the very least. Tested it on my low level Flak. Whether that gets further boosted by passives and gear, I don’t know.

UNFORTUNATELY, HP in this game scales VERY BADLY.
All % modifiers are calculated off BASE HP and all additional flat HP is not increased at all.
My Amara has +40% from passives, +50% from shield, 1926 hp from class mod and 2719 hp from relic.
Unfortunately, it only means that base HP (aka those meagre ~ 12 000) are counted.

HP = BaseHP*(sum of % mods) + (sum of flat mods)
in my case:
HP = BaseHP1.9 + 4645
and that’s a very sad 26 314 HP. If the multiplication counted flat HP as well (aka HP = (BaseHP + flat HP)
(HPmod)), I’d have almost 32k HP. That’s a very big difference!

I hate that my stupid shield came unannointed like every other unique purple in the DLC ON THREE VAULT HUNTERS so I just assumed it can’t roll annointments. Now I can’t even farm for it since I don’t have a backed up save before fighting Vincent, and you can’t get more than 1 per playthrough. Oh well… gonna switch to TVHM and give it a try, it’s like 20 minutes into the DLC if barely anyway.

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