The new takedown would be great if my frames could handle the enemies particle affects

Are there other people out there struggling to handle the new takedown computer wise?

I have gotten a few unsuccessful runs in on the Takedown. It’s quite the grind but sadly I cant enjoy the new arena and takedown. My frames just wont handle all the particle affects brought on. Most of my graphics settings are on low as well so I can’t change anything there. I’m not that handicapped on my capacity either. My laptop has a I7 8750H CPU and RTX 2070 graphics card with 32 gigs of ram and a 2tb SSD I run borderlands off of. Is anyone else’s computer/laptop struggling on the new takedown?

This has been happening to me since the Mayhem 2.0 dropped. Particle effects are killing my game. Usually can’t get through a decent size mob fight or boss fight. Game freezes up, but everything else is still going. Discord running fine, but can’t even alt-tab out or switch to task manager.


My game constantly freezes because of all the modifiers…I can’t even get thru half the Takedown.

Guess we keep playing the waiting game…

I’m running a desktop with an i5 6600k and a 970GTX and the takedown ran fine. In the early days of the game I had my CPU clocked lower and I had lower fps. I now run my cpu at 4.6 Ghz and the game is very playable usually around 60 fps sometimes dipping to the 40s if things are crazy. Your GPU should be beat the crap out of mine big time so you might be limited by cpu and in a laptop might not be much you can do about it.