The new Thorn? (Anyone notice)

I played as Thorn last night on the new dlc.
Really excited to try out the changes.
As I have stated in other threads she is my most played character, 167 missions.

But, I couldn’t tell any diff.

Volley used to be fixed like this : lll now it looks more like this. \ l / it dosent affect you if used it point blank shot but you cant hit all arrows against a caldarius using his ult

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That’s cool

Blight’s radius is fair bit smaller, which just makes it irritating - only slightly harder to place and slow an entire minion wave. Volley is changed only very slightly, and if you take Focused Volley at level 4 there is no change at all. Also I think her bow got a bit of a buff to accuracy, which is nice.

The ult callout change and the overall aoe change is what affected her most. So, general stuff, not necessarily her

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The Ult callout isn’t even that big a deal - you still only have barely a second’s worth of warning to get out of the way.