The New Top Gear for Krieg

I does, just not when it contacts an enemy. It explodes at a set interval based on the amount of ammo in the gun. Why did you think is was good on Axton?

I’m assuming you didn’t watch the Krieg vs Hyperius video I posted on Nisha’s TG.

In my opinion the creamer at least deserves an honorable mention. Also the scream sickle with +6 StV and +5 EtR is a great class mod before you get a legendary sickle.

If it now procs BB, then the Teeths deserve a spot for sure. That’s great news.

No, I didn’t watch the video: at that point of the conversation I was on mobile at work.

What makes the Avenger better than … Say, a Tediore PC ? Or the Baby maker ?

I don’t know about the Creamer, but for COMs, there is already 7 on the list… And there are less than 20 total COMs for Krieg in the whole game. I think there are already too many.

Though @Gulfwulf, maybe we can lump COMs with their Legendary counterpart in a single entry ?

Yeah maybe there are to many coms and for the creamer I thinks it’s usefulness is up there with the badaboom heck I like it better just becuase it heals you. But again that’s just my opinion not a fact.

Edit- I know the gub isn’t a bad gun but is it really a top tier gun

The throw reload gets amp and gun damage unlike all other Tediore weapons.

Although I have never tested this, but this thread talks about it.

It does (unless they changed that in the past year in an update). But with the extremely varying mag sizes on Krieg this gun is very difficult to handle. There’s an insane amount of damage when using it against bosses, though. I made a video where I melted Hyperius and Terra about two years ago but I can’t find it anymore. Versus standard mobs it’s just pure overkill, even on OP8 without slag.

Glad to see you back Dank.
We were in need of another K badass :smiley:

Thanks xmngr. Sadly I don’t enjoy playing Krieg anymore. The 1000+ hours on him probably drank the blood and ate the loot and breathed the numbers of my affinity for him. When I play BL2 these days - which happens rarely - I enjoy playing Maya and Zer0. On the other hand I still kinda like my Hellborn/Mania Krieg, especially since I don’t use a FotF.
But I’m still around in the forums from time to time. :smiley:

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I still play him, having on him more than 1200+
I can’t get bored since I’ve done weird experiments with him xD

and my main being a hellborn/mania too without a flame, no moxxi no nothing, only a hellfire xD

If only we’d be able to mod the game. That would extremely increase my interest in BL2 again. I’ve spend hundreds of hours modding a similar game to BL2 (and some others) in the past months. If only…I’d have soooooo many ideas for fun additions to Krieg and the other characters, but especially Krieg.

My god, with the wacky weapons that already exists, I dread to think what modders would come up with.

I have a sword that shoots shotguns, that then break off into bouncing betty grenades that shoots bee’s that explode like nukes on contact.

Did I mention is does Slag & Shock & Fire & Corrosive?

Sounds a bit OP but fun though. :grin: When it comes to new types of weapons I’d directly add equippable melee weapons and bows/crossbows with different kind of elements. If the game engine would allow it I’d introduce a new system to switch elements of them. In regards to the bows/crossbows this would be easily explainable since you’d just use different types of ammunition. The sword would be enchanted by the Eridians or something like that. :smile: Most likely I’ll never have a chance to do so.

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I can’t express how often I’ve said I’d love for a separate “melee weapons” slot on this game.

Can’t see why their wouldn’t be. It wouldn’t necessarily have to be the same as gun stats, it would be interesting if they were closer to relic stats.

It could be a completely independent and new leveling system, something like BAR. Inherent stats on these types of items wouldn’t be required. You’d have a base amount of damage (similar to what the base melee damage is right now), fire rate, accuracy if needed, etc. and by leveling up in that separate system you’d be able to increase your capabilities with them. This would add a whole new layer to endgame progression and experimenting.

I’m genuinely curious as to what makes the Flakker “one of the best weapons in the game”. I keep seeing this claim in various Borderlands 2 forums, with no evidence to support it.

if you hit the sweetspot, it does absurd amounts of damage, regardless of whatever charecter or skills you’re using.

The damage potential is great, but it certainly has a steep learning curve. If you figure out the right distance and aim a little lower, it’s a case of “one shot, one kill” for most trash mobs. Also, if you find a way to group enemies together before shooting, it performs even better and can kill multiple enemies with just two or three shots. It’s also great against big targets. I used it against Vermi on Axton while wearing an explosive relic and it did a pretty damn good job. I also didn’t like it very much at first, but now that I had some practice with it, it’s slowly becoming one of my favorite shotguns. It’s pretty much like the Pimpernel, in a certain way. When you first use it, it’s kinda weird and doesn’t seem to do much, but once you figure it out, it’s great. However, I agree that it isn’t for everyone. You need to adapt your playstyle to it in order to get the best out of it. It performs well on all characters, but if you’re using a character that can improve a few of its shortcomings, it’s even better. Here’s a recent video by Demonite that I really liked:


I was going to link that

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I’m also puzzled as to why the Gub is even mentioned, even a corrosive Infinity is better than that.

Secondly, I’m not sure the Carnage shouldn’t be top-gear; the fact that it can damage the wielder is a much smaller issue than Torgue-Barreled shotguns being, for the most part, relegated to melee-range.

Finally, I believe the Crossfire deserves a place next to the Bouncing Bonny since it also does the same thing.