The New Top Gear for Krieg

Sounds a bit OP but fun though. :grin: When it comes to new types of weapons I’d directly add equippable melee weapons and bows/crossbows with different kind of elements. If the game engine would allow it I’d introduce a new system to switch elements of them. In regards to the bows/crossbows this would be easily explainable since you’d just use different types of ammunition. The sword would be enchanted by the Eridians or something like that. :smile: Most likely I’ll never have a chance to do so.

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I can’t express how often I’ve said I’d love for a separate “melee weapons” slot on this game.

Can’t see why their wouldn’t be. It wouldn’t necessarily have to be the same as gun stats, it would be interesting if they were closer to relic stats.

It could be a completely independent and new leveling system, something like BAR. Inherent stats on these types of items wouldn’t be required. You’d have a base amount of damage (similar to what the base melee damage is right now), fire rate, accuracy if needed, etc. and by leveling up in that separate system you’d be able to increase your capabilities with them. This would add a whole new layer to endgame progression and experimenting.

I’m genuinely curious as to what makes the Flakker “one of the best weapons in the game”. I keep seeing this claim in various Borderlands 2 forums, with no evidence to support it.

if you hit the sweetspot, it does absurd amounts of damage, regardless of whatever charecter or skills you’re using.

The damage potential is great, but it certainly has a steep learning curve. If you figure out the right distance and aim a little lower, it’s a case of “one shot, one kill” for most trash mobs. Also, if you find a way to group enemies together before shooting, it performs even better and can kill multiple enemies with just two or three shots. It’s also great against big targets. I used it against Vermi on Axton while wearing an explosive relic and it did a pretty damn good job. I also didn’t like it very much at first, but now that I had some practice with it, it’s slowly becoming one of my favorite shotguns. It’s pretty much like the Pimpernel, in a certain way. When you first use it, it’s kinda weird and doesn’t seem to do much, but once you figure it out, it’s great. However, I agree that it isn’t for everyone. You need to adapt your playstyle to it in order to get the best out of it. It performs well on all characters, but if you’re using a character that can improve a few of its shortcomings, it’s even better. Here’s a recent video by Demonite that I really liked:


I was going to link that

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I’m also puzzled as to why the Gub is even mentioned, even a corrosive Infinity is better than that.

Secondly, I’m not sure the Carnage shouldn’t be top-gear; the fact that it can damage the wielder is a much smaller issue than Torgue-Barreled shotguns being, for the most part, relegated to melee-range.

Finally, I believe the Crossfire deserves a place next to the Bouncing Bonny since it also does the same thing.

Sorry for the ninja-ing. While we’re at it, here’s the “Does it Suck?” episode on the Flakker from Man of Low Moral Fiber:

Demonite’s, Man of Low Moral Fiber’s and yours are my usual go to YouTube channels for Borderlands 2 stuff. I check them regularly and I just happened to watch both of these videos very recently. I just love the Flakker, really.

Go search Haley Rink Flak the World on YouTube then

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^ That was great! Specially the ending. Thanks for the tip!

Never used it. Do you have a video about it?

I’ll add it to the Blockhead section since it fills a similar niche.

I forgot about that one.

I’m not crazy about either of these on any character because both seem a bit lackluster. Sure you get fire and corrosive, but you can get the same with any Plasma Caster and the Tattler and both do better damage. Sure they’ll heal you, but Krieg doesn’t need Moxxi healing like other VHs do. Plus the Bad Touch can only be obtained once per character. I’d have to see some numbers and/or video before I added either of these.

I only added the Gub as an alternative to the Hornet/Tea Pot because it was the only corrosive only pistol I could think of. The problem with the Gunerang is it returning to explode on the player.

I have to agree with Chuck on this one. I haven’t seen many videos of Krieg chuck killing a raid boss, but have I seen a few where Axton does it due to his reload speed skills. I don’t do raid bosses solo so I’d have to see some proof. But if @DankRafft recommends it, I’ll add it as an HM for raid bosses.

If it did more damage with a single rocket, it would be. As it is, you need to have the casual prefix for it to be good; hence the reason it’s not TG.

It does, I just forgot to add it. :blush:

Could do that as an alternative. I would go with a Leg. in most cases, but the blues can hold you over until you can find one. Plus there are some builds where a blue is better than a Leg. That and there is no Leg. Crunch mod. GBX, fix this!

The problem with this is with other weapons that have bullet split: you have to hit the sweet spot for it to do any good. I think it’s at least an HM, though, but I’d like to get more opinions on it before I add it.

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  • Shotgun Fibber
    I know it has potential but the bullet speed is really bad, the fire rate and mag and all the other stats are meh. I think its a viable gun and you can make it good with the right set ups, but too niche for TG IMO

  • Teeth of Terra
    I was really suprised when I used this with maya with testing guns, with it procing blood bath I think adding it with the Blockhead is a good call.

  • Good/Bad Touch
    I don’t know about this on Krieg, one reason they are good is because of the 70% crit bonus but hellborn Krieg lowers that and its nowhere near kitten/slowhand/hail good on him. I agree that guns like the hellfire and PC’s with him, but I don’t know if these are really deserving to be on his list.

  • Gunarang
    I don’t know how well this works with Krieg but I was impressed when I tried it with maya recently. I can see him getting mileage out of it

  • Carnage
    I think its a great call to have it as HM because its only good with a single prefix.

  • Creamer
    I would think this would be deserving, the sweet spot isn’t that hard to get used to, its low on ammo cost which is great for rockets, Krieg can boost explosive, it heals, etc…

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I don’t think it does honestly: Being fire elemental is all they have in common

One is relatively precise, and reloads very fast, the other one is just blunt trauma usable only at short range with a huge mag and a vey slow fire rate. They are different enough to warrant their own entry each IMO.

While a agree with you on everything else about these guns, the Bad touch can be gotten as many times as you want on consoles (or on PC if you have a patient online friend)
Just create a new character, join a game where the host is OPX, have him give you money, tip moxxi, drop gun for high level character, log out, delete character, rinse repeat.


Works for me. I’ve only seen Gaige make good use out of a Fibber. Niche weapons don’t really deserve a spot.

So TG or HM, Chuck?[quote=“Chuck80, post:34, topic:1119575”]
the Bad touch can be gotten as many times as you want

Or you can use an editor, but I was talking about not using those or other types of work-arounds. I still say both guns aren’t worth a mention for Krieg because of poorly they stack up to other SMGs, especially PCs.

What parts/prefixes?

I know you asked chuck but…

  • Limited range
  • Fire only

I can see those for reasons to be HM and not TG, but within close range is as potent as any shotgun and Krieg doesn’t mind close. Also there are a lot of really good shotguns with less limitations.

You could almost lump it in with the twister if you were going to add it to TG

Probably since they’re both only really effective at close range. I’ll probably just add it as an HM because the Blockhead can be used at any range, the pellets have natural ricochet, and it’s a Tediore, so you get the Tediore reload damage as well.

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On the Shotgun Fibber, I think it’s vastly underrated. I don’t know what would make it good on Krieg, but on Zero it made the HM (because Zero has bullet speed boosts) and if I was the creator of the Sal TG, I would certainly add it to TG (Since it’s Sljm’s work, I’m being a bit more reserved with editing). It’s 2 weaknesses are reload speed and bullet speed. On Sal, reload speed is much less of a concern (it only consumes one ammo per shot so it works both in pistol builds as an elemental Harold replacement, or in Hoarder builds)

Bullet speed is one of those things you work around, just like the Pimp’s sweet spot. But an odd firing behavior is not enough to call something Niche in this game IMO. Mostly I think that most people have simply never really tried it.

So, in short: Shotgun Fibber: Highly underestimated.
On Krieg ? I have no idea.

Specifically for Krieg, I don’t know. It seems to me that it should be TG, but that’s a finer point that I leave to your deeper understanding of the character.

Yeah, I agree. They shouldn’t be there because they are not good enough, not because it’s “hard to get”

When in doubt, Damage prefix.
And Vladof grip seems like a natural fit.

Vladof pistols are always good, so if you’re looking for a good replacement for something, it’s probably always a good answer.

Though I have never really tried the Gunarang. If Derch says that it’s better than we think, It deserves a try.
@Derch Have you made a run with it ? I can’t find it on your channel.

The thing with the Krieg is that (as you said) he doesn’t mind being close…and with a Hellborn build, “fire only” is also not a real limitation.

I mean… it was Good (if not great) on Maya, so it must be at least good on Krieg too.
I’m fine with either TG or HM in this case.

I’ll have to try it out. The only Fibber I’ve ever used was the ricochet version and Krieg doesn’t need anything like that.

I’ll put it up as an HM unless someone else has a better argument for it being TG.

That’s what I was thinking. Thanks.

For me, TG means it’s great with any build, not just a particular one. I’ve used a Twister on a Mania/Bloodlust build with great results, so it’s TG. I may move the Torgue shotguns to HM because they’re better on explosive/BB builds than on Hellborn ones. The Teeth of Terra fits that description as well, so it’ll be an HM after I update. I will add the Creamer as TG because even a Hellborn build can get good use out of it with its healing properties.

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