The new tree is nuts with Jakobs

I’m can hold a 300 over 90 Unfogiven and just destroy whole maps with nothing but my MNTIS cannon. Add in his blue tree with salvation and a Stop-gap with on ass trigger break and fill and your just unkillable. Iv seen single shots on badass enemies doing over 70mill in a single shot. Out of all 4 VHs I think Zane got the best tree.

Amaras can wreck as well but yes zanes is deadly with the jakobs weapons/ pretty much all guns

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I’m hoping we get some updates to Moze and Fl4k’s trees because right now I can’t justify putting extra points into them except during basic story runs.

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Same. I put points into big surplus in Moze’s tree but other than that I feel like there is just not enough in them to waste points on