The New Update is actually insane

I was worried about the level increase and was thinking about taking a long break. After hitting Level 53 with my Fl4k really fast I tested to play on M2 and I am melting through enemies with my ASE 100 Maggie. I decided not to play on M4 only, because the game has a few Problems with the current loot system and farming bosses over and over again for the perfect thing is not funny at all. So I decided to be more a casual player where I dont have to have a god roll artifact. Further Tests on higher mayhem are incoming but until this: Thanks GBX! Really THANKS!! :heart:

It is one of the reasons why testing comes first, rather than assuming everything is wrong or broken.

Only been playing for a couple of mins and so far the new update is fine.

I thought the update was supposed to make the game more challenging. If you are finding it much easier now, something must be off

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I dont think they can make the game harder since everything is scaled with the same rate. And Im playing on M2 with god roll level 50 gear. Well not god rolls on artifact and class mod.


This is also what I thought of. I guess I was right all along.

Overall, sounds neat! But, this rant has to come out:
Oh, great. I have little spare time, finally catch a break (Red Chest Event using first Vault in TVH M4) and could farm up decent lv 50 Legendaries, and right afterwards they become literal trash. What the heck?! Anyone who spouts that “it encourages using different stuff” can just toss whatever they overuse and shut up, I already did that through each of my new character playthroughs and will try new stuff that gets added with each dlc. Seriously, give us a machine that either blatantly boosts an item’s lv. based on a spent currency or even reroll it set to that character’s level (let us gamble that it’s our level but worse/better if that’s what it takes). After three games of this happening, it’s STILL annoying and I hate it.

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I play m4 and lv 50 gear still rocks there is no issue whatsover, my Zane is the heart breaker Maurice is the heart collector lol


Level 50 or 53 Maggie 100 ASE?

There are people who had farmed a lot of stuff before 2020 and needed a reason to play further and further

Level 50 Maggie ASE 100. I will definetely not see a good Maggie in the near future since i farmed about 30 hours for mine level 50 one…

Hmmm so you feel the addition 3 skill tree points added that much?

Sure they do. With fl4k i wished so many times to put a few more skill into health regen skills.

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I’d be curious to see what that same Maggie does in M4

I had a lvl 53 maggie with 125% bonus incendiary damage drop in my first slaughter shaft, so that was kinda lucky! :slight_smile: if you have not already, try run it a few runs and see what you’ll get! I’m always leaving 30+ legendaries behind when i’m done, and most of my good rolled stuff came from there. It’s my goto farm if i don’t look for a class mod or relic.

The hearts seem to have a increased chance to drop mods and relics though so now it seems to be a pretty decent place for these too.

Edit: Ugh, sorry for the heavy venting. I’m just sick of people insisting that only the slow way should be allowed. It’s things like that that really make me want to cheat in these games, because I don’t have that tons of free time to do all the grinding I want but still want to continue enjoying all tge good stuff im this game with my pals.

Yay. Hooray for them. Congratulations for having the time to spend doing that. Pat on the back. Whatever. Don’t care. They can always hunt for new stuff every 5 levels they gain according to you they’d love that, and that option would never go away. But why that should clearly override someone having an OPTION to boost what they already dumped hours of RNG hell into getting at a lower level? Because your idea of fun (grinding the same boss every level cap boost, and we know more are coming now) is not universal. If you like it, fine, no one wants to stop you. You do you. But some of us would like to keep enjoying the parts we do enjoy and not getting sick of re-farming over and over.

It’s like explaining why it’s a good thing we have all these quicker training options and new species in newer Pokemon games to Gen 1 elitists, they hate anything that makes it better/more fun for other players. Sure, can’t make everyone happy, but why stay only in the past?


Dont understand me wrong, I dont like farming in borderlands 3. Im on ps4 and if I farm bosses like katagawa ball i spend the most of my time in the loading screen. I just excepted that I dont want to Hunt after god rolls anymore. On M4 you have a ton of legendaries and about 95% are crap. Its nothing we can do about it but we can make the best out of it

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All of our lvl 50 gear is still fine. Just did a 4 player scaled takedown with a buddy on lvl 53 with lvl 50 gear and we still went through it like nothing.


Agreed. I did the level 53 Scaled M4 Takedown Solo with my level 50 geared Zane and noticed absolutely no difference in his effectiveness.