The New UPR Avian

Couldn’t it be possible that the chicken-bird thing teased as the new UPR member is actually Benedict’s nestmate teased in his lore?

Assuming all the new Battleborn are just new members of the teams they join instead of being random teammates, it would be cool to see Circinae just kind of join the group down the line instead of some out-of-nowhere Avian.

Plus, it would make the husbando happy.


Benedict Lore Spoiler ahead.

As much as i’d like Circinae, it doesn’t look like the same Aviant Genome as Benedict though (Really small beak and feet, no “mask”, and no wings visible. Same number of fingers though).
Also, Benedict don’t know where Circinae is, or even if she is alive, would be weird that she is just next door.
Also the new Aviant looks like a Male to me.

Might change till his/her release, though.

(Pic with increased contrast, for the discussion purpose)

See, I was going off of this link here:

It seems to have that mask, and definitely looks a little more “hawk-like.” Heck, perhaps the mission releasing alongside her is all about saving her from the Verelsi after Benedict discovers where she is, could be interesting.

It seems pretty probable in my opinion, and I would love to see them incorporate something like that.


I hope it’s more of a male and Husbirdo totally forgets about the old family so he can have a new enjoyable shipping.

Considering he still send letters 9 years after he lost her, i don’t think he is the kind to forget about his family.


You can always hit someone in the face with some kind of memory wipe or amnesia crap in the future.

Its possible…be a pretty big coincidence to just so happen to have another UPR bird hanging around. Kinda looks like a tough ole “Nest hen” anyway :sweat_smile: like Bernie from Gears Of War.

Im curious as to whether he/she might be some ranged DOT, combat medic hybrid. Maybe the nade launcher can change ammunition (damage/healing) types similar to Caira from the game Evolve.

UPR is the only faction with no Support character at all.

Wait ! what’s this picture ? it’s leaked ? the new design of the new bird !

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It was in the Gamespot review, most likely a review or debug copy. It certainly looks legit.

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It’s totally look like the prototype of the characters ! :yum: I love the head of this bird ! He look like the bird where I live

Kinda surprised that he/she can even wear closed shoes. I expected Talons to be a hassle to keep trapped in something as flimsy as a shoe. Or if its as sturdy as a boot, then its probably not that comfortable for an avian.

Considering how Toby pretty much rejected and suggested to stay out of the field to go stay in the medbay, UPR might end up going 0-support because all the support type are in the medbay instead of battling.

They probably have Combat medics.

I prefer grenadiers. Figures there won’t be one in game for months. :slight_smile:

Am I the only one who thinks the new character looks a bit like a member of Toby’s race? Maybe even family?

Toby can put his feet in shoes, not all birds need big talons

Alani is a combat medics

Toby doesn’t have the biggest talons yeah, definitely not as exaggerated as Benedict’s, that’s for sure. They’re still present through and end in points, which unfortunately does not sit well with shoes. But this is also ignoring the structure of his own feet, the digits on them are rather broad and a bit spaced. As stated before, I imagine shoes wouldn’t be comfortable for someone like him. At least the shoes we’re all familiar with, he’d require a more custom style fit.

That’s all just speculation though and my desire of wanting to make sense of characters on their designs and choice or lack of clothing.

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I believe UPR is supposed to not have support, that’s why their gear is anti healing if I recall. Just like eldrid will never have recharging shields (kelvin is different) I think jennerit will never have full on tanks (attikus is more of a brawler than a tank, like kelvin, S&A and el dragon.) LLC doesn’t use the (pushers) speeDPS (again, el dragon is a brawler, and not a low health supersonic runner, where as marquis is fast, but still not a pusher/pusher-esque character) And Rogues do not have health based characters, rather instead all about shields. (well, whiskey and orendi aren’t /about/ shields but they have them, but toby’s got a shield, reyna is the shield mother and S&A is supershielded, and their gear is anti health. Or was, guess people didn’t like health draining gear., said it was “unsafe” (hah, that was the prefix for rogue broken gear or whatever the negative gear is called))

I might be wrong about LLC or a few, but still, the point is they all have their weaknesses and that’s why they all help eachother, and so a healing character for UPR would probably not happen. That said, it could, and Either way is a good Idea, however we have already gotten a new healer, and are getting a new assassin, I’d say they’re a brawler esque grenadier hen.