The new Vow of Zealous Fury

I just found out today that the “Stolen Edge of Arcyvnora” (however it’s spelled) has the “stack” attack speed bonus, only difference is it requires to make critical hits and the side bonus is movement speed instead of critical damage. Got it in Advance mode of the “Sentinel” from the Old Sentinel. Just thought I should share this.

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Yeah, it’s a top tier Legendary.

Nice find.

I’ve been hearing people recommend it over Zealous Fury for a while now!

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i love how great some of the gear is in this game.

in case you haven’t seen, @lowlines has a great website with all the gear available in game, including legendaries!

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That is a fun piece of gear to use on Attikus. If you haven’t already, you should try it sometime!

I use SEoA on Pendles because I like to stack movement speed on him. It’s funny how fast he can sprint whilst cloaked. =P I still use VoZF on Deande however, just because it has a better synergy with Calculated Risk and the Doomsday Key.

From my own XP, VoZF works best with assassin characters like Deande and Pendles, while SEoA works best with more “bruiser” type characters like Phoebe, Attikus, and Galilea.

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Anyone know how long the stacks last now?

I don’t know if the Vow is better for Marquis or not (disregarding Orbital Tracking Spike), since the Edge has a more passive bonus and crits are Marquis’ thing… buuuut… Marquis has low skill cooldowns, and the Vow comes with crit damage on the side.