The new vs finder

I think that the new versus finder has hurt the beta. Although wait times are shorter (not noticeable) the games themselves are much worse. There is a problem with people leaving when they don’t get the game mode they want to play that causes most games to be very unbalanced. I had a great time yesterday until the combination of the game modes. It was a good idea in theory, but I would much rather play good games with more wait time then get placed in bad games faster.

Agreed. The new system is terrible. most people quit and then it’s a steam roll.


I agree, I prefer Incursion, but often people want to play Meltdown, which is okay, but I liked having the choice. I don’t quit, because I’d rather play something than nothing at all.

But I really think that the choice of versus game types was advantageous, especially since there are only two story missions, limiting the choice even further is a mistake.

I didn’t think wait times were that bad yesterday.

I think it’s part of the test. Forcing us to vote gives them data on gametypes maybe? They did lots of temporary playlist things like this in the CTT. And forcing everyone into one playlist doesn’t sound like a solution to matchmakinf problems

call me guilty… every time that stupid ass incursion wins the vote i auto shut this ■■■■ off and play a round of SMITE… which imo is vastly superior game but im not done testing BB… i may be though if incurion keeps winning these votes

I’m not a big fan of Incursion either, it’s a bit boring.

Agreed. PvP mode should be separated and stay that way instead of “voting”. I don’t like Meltdown so I would be upset if I’m put into it when I wanted to try Incursion (or capture).

man I had to leave 4 matches in a row now… WTH does anyone vote meltdown anymore? incursion is garbage


I agree as well. Was having a great time yesterday until they done this. I dont mind a round of incursion every few hours… but mostly its just not the mode for me. However, I am constantly forced into a mode I do not want to play and plagued by leavers.

This needs reverted asap… and give us access to Capture mode to make up for it… hehe.

Wanna switch? I want pure incursion. lol

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ugh just got ANOTHER incursion FFS… one more and im done with this ■■■■