The Official Homeworld: Remastered Collection Screenshot and Media Thread

The news we were all waiting for was revealed today at Pax east. It’s available for preorder (with a 15% discount) on Steam now!


And the images there, I see you have also posted are beautiful

Just incredible. Cannot wait for this now. I spent most of my playtime of the originals going ‘oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh’. So looking forward to that again.

I may actually pick this up, considering it’s not a $60 game

hands-on preview. Also details of HW1 voice actor, Heidi Ernest, who portrayed Karan S’jet, added her voice to the HW1 and 2 Remastered edition.


nevermind i didn’t see you updated the op ph

already posted in the OP. Wayyyyy ahead of you there…

The following footage needs to be recreated on the new Remastered Homeworld.

I’m really excited to see the cutscene with the Taiidan flight recorders, where it shows them destroying Kharak. Because that Garden of Kadesh update was breathtaking.

I so SO GEEKED you guys finally get to see all of this (and more soon!). It’s funny because I took that red-background shot with the Taiidan bomber in my bedroom late one night to show off just randomly for the team. The original image is 4k, FYI (I am going to ask if we can release it). I never expected it to make the Steam page. Killer. And yes, SparrowhawkCA - I spent ages making the shader effect for the destruction of Kharak, another sequence I can’t wait for us to share.


I kinda hope the Kharak effect is only shared post release. I really want to see it ingame first!

Did pilotview make the cut?

@BitVenom- if only someone had videoed our happy dance!

Also, wouldn’t it be fun to see some community made HW wallpapers? Hint… Hint…

Here is a 37 min footage from IGN

Highlight of the video, Mod Support.

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It’s just the most beautiful thing.

I changed my pants a few times.

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Those beams man those beams, and yeah I need to do some laundry now as well

Gardens of Kadesh A/B NIS sync via @BitVenom. This is emensely baller. I’m so hyped.

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I posted these on the soon-to-be-defunct other forum - I found them last night via the Homeworld: Russian Fleet Community - they’re just the full-res shots as released. That red one was 4k, so I can hopefully beg somebody to let us release in its full 4k glory sometime soon…

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No pilotview at the moment - though I imagine bindings for something like that will exist for Mod guys - no promises - but you are certainly not the first to ask for that feature.

As for Kharak - I agree 100%. We’ve shown some stuff because it’s an effective A->B - and while this game is impossible to spoil, due to age - much of the new stuff has detail/effect/impact that I’d prefer remain a mystery until fans are experiencing it themselves…

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Thanks for all the eye candy guys! I’ve put together two posts on my HW site, too:

All screenshots + shots from the gearbox panel (and a nod to Randy’s magic, haha!):
Launch video & full gearbox panel video:

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