The Old Sentinal bug

Two or three times I’ve seen the Old Sentinal bug out if the shards are destroyed too fast. He’ll be invincible, and will just stand there waiting forever, and we all have to throw ourselves to our deaths to complete the mission. Hasn’t happened today, but I had to warn my team mates not to destroy the shard clusters too fast

It’s a known bug. It’s not a question of them being destroyed too fast but rather the shards being destroyed while the Old Sentinel is jumping. The going theory is that it breaks his script and prevents him from getting to the script trigger that turns off the invulnerability (other enemies also will break script like this, but they’re not invulnerable so you can snap them out of it by dealing damage to them).

@Kitru has it to rights. You can destroy one cluster before the Sentinel gets to the platform, but you should make sure there’s at least some of the second one left until after he’s landed.

Actually I had game where my teammates were destroying Shard Clusters pretty quick, before Sentinel was able to turn around. No glitch. So my guess is that it, the isssue, is specifially connected to Sentinel jumping onto a platform.

Yep, exactly. If he’s in the air when the last shard cluster goes, he’s glitched. Anything else works fine. If you have a couple of folks targeting the clusters, it is indeed possible to take them both out before the Sentinel jumps - in which case, he jumps over and straight back. Those shooting the clusters need to keep one eye out though, because if he jumps just before that last shard goes…

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