The one change that I would LOVE to see made to Pendles

It’s quite simple:

Pendles is immune to reveal while Miasma is active.

This way, if the map is littered with a bunch of stuff that reveals–owls, or sunspots, whatever–Pendles no longer suffers such a drastic reduction in usefulness. The Miasma cloud would still reveal his position, sure, but he would retain the Corner Sneak buffs.

I think this would add a new skillful layer of play to Pendles. One would have to play cautiously until level 5, then be faced with a variety of new combat options against heroes with Reveal enabled. Do I hold Miasma in case I’m suddenly revealed, as an escape option? Do I find the stuff that’s revealing me, and try to quickly take it out with Miasma’s DoT? Do I use Miasma to quickly find and finish the hero with the Reveal augment, hoping to kill them and so I can move freely around the map during their respawn timer? Do I cast Miasma to sprint past a choke point, avoiding any CC when they spot me, then try to hide in enemy territory until I’m ready for a flanking attack?

It would also fit with the nature of the skill, implying that the poison cloud was obscuring Pendles enough to negate Reveal. Maybe there’s microscopic countermeasures in the cloud, sort of like Alani’s “magical” nanomachines.

Of all the balance changes I’d like to see happen to the game, I’d say this is now number one on my wish list, even if it came with a nerf in other areas, such as damage.


This is a great idea that fits with his kit

How long is the cd on his Ult? Being reveal immune for 10 seconds every 60 seconds seems hella strong to me. Maybe instead reduce duration on his Ult and make it so he can attack and remain stealthed? Idk, just spitballing

That’s kinda what I was thinking. Keep him in stealth period until it’s gone.

I like it

The CD could be increased and the duration reduced, if being Reveal immune for that long proved to be overpowered. I just really think he needs a Reveal counter. If you’ve ever played against Marquis with reveal owls, plus the additional owls, and the owls are jammed inside areas of the map where you can’t hit them, you’re pretty much shut down for the rest of the round. There’s pretty much no way around it, short of getting your team to hunt them down for you.

I don’t think that would work. He’d become a beast in Incursion with attack speed Gear and Firmware Update 1.51C. Pop Miasma, backdoor the sentry or take Thrall camps for free, then burn skills to get Miasma up as fast as possible again.

Since the biggest issue with the reveal is that his movement speed gets significantly reduced, I think an alternate solution would be: When using the Ult, Pendles no longer has the movement penalty while uncloaked.

That way he can perform better as an assassin (killing enemies with better efficiency and retreating), while still having viable ways to counter him.