The one thing I mainly dislike about Benedict at the moment

Is his voice. I’ll he honest, I was expecting something a bit more… Badass. Not a down-south Jarhead. It feels like it doesn’t match his appearance (which I LOVE) and it makes me more wary to play him, honestly. Otherwise, I enjoy him quite a bit. The voice is just a bit weird and feels really out of place.

I think Benedict is meant to be goofy/silly and overly annoying as a character.
Also I think he’s not too bright either. He’s a bird-brained fool who talks big and gets on people’s nerves.

Enjoy him. He’s more annoying to the enemy than he is to the person playing him (I think…or maybe equally bad on both sides lol)

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Like, I get that. I’m just disappointed cuz a lot of the goofier characters LOOK a bit goofy in gearbox games. The badass characters LOOK badass and they usually crack the best jokes too. I wanted, I dunno… I was more expecting Mordecai. Rather he’s like Mordecai with Scooter’s voice and attitude. Just feels off-kilter to me

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I was surprised by his voice as well. His taunts also show his personality well. I expected him to be more serious but once I heard him yell “Birdstrike!” during combat I started to warm to his personality. I’m surprised he doesn’t reference Quake/Unreal memes since they were going with the old-school rocket launcher vibe with him.

I will admit the character’s personality grates on me, but I can see what they were going for and @Rabid_Explosions nailed it with the “bird-brained” part. Gearbox is being “punny” and while the character (play style and persona) are not for me, they did a good job of it, I think. There has to be that character everyone hates, even the other Battleborn within the lore (see: Chapter 2, The Rescue).

I wasn’t expecting his voice to be like that either but to be honest, I kinda love it.

I think the goofy/obnoxious voice and personality fits him VERY well, considering his role in the competitive game is to float around where most people can’t reach him (and usually won’t see him coming) and rain annoying splashy death onto their heads, not to mention his skills at evading retribution and nailing you from lord-knows-where with his ultimate. :smiley:

He’s wonderfully and appropriately obnoxious.