The one thing I REALLY want is an Incendiary Lyuda

It’s the one gun I’ve been really searching hard for. Hopefully someone has one they’d want to trade? I have a recurring hex in shock, bloodletter class mod, tons of guns, one of which you’d hopefully want for that incendiary Lyuda. Please let me know.

GT: Starfall Shadow.

I have a corrosive lyunda

Sorry. Incendiary is the one I want.

will trade one for a rain firestorm or fire mirv hex

I’d trade one for the recurring shock hex. Downside is i work 2nd shift and won’t be home til 3am est tonight.

But if interested you can message my GT, it’s Trojhiem

What are the skills and stats on that bloodletter COM?
I have a fire lyuda I could trade if it’s a good one

+1 - Thin Red Line

+1 - Desperate Measures

+3 - Phalanx Doctrine

+29% Spalsh Samage Radius
+31% SMG damage
-18% Damage Reduction

I was really hoping for +3 desperate measures. Starting to think it’s not possible

I think it is possible. I’ve seen images of class mods with two skills instead of three. +3 in one and +2 in the other.

You still looking for an Incendiary Lyuda?
Fairly certain I have one. I’d have to double check.

No, I got one. Thanks anyways, though.