The only buff I would give to Caldarius

Everything about him I feel is in a sweet spot right now. You can’t change much without making him horrendously crazy.
He’s advanced for a reason and you WILL wreck house when you master him.

The only thing I would add, is giving his flash-bang a 1.5 second blind. Upping it by .5 seconds. Seems like it would give him a lot to work with regarding utility.

Complete agreement.

I’m kind of starting to learn to use him, but I’m usually capping around 8 kills per match with him. I usually won’t have many deaths, but it would be nice to eventually start putting up some higher numbers. Is that something that will just come with experience? (Still would like a bit more damage on the gun)

My advice is get used to always dodging in the air even if your having issues aiming while doing it. The hard you are to hit the more likely the opponent will being to retreat because they aren’t doing any damage. Engage with his flash bang or save it to confuse them when they push to far (they always lose track of me and i end up behind them while they try to figure out where i went.) Save his Dunk for minion waves or kill the wounded people trying to flee. In and out his best tool since you can dive someone behind their sentry then boost away without anyone being able to do anything.

His tmp is pretty balanced since it fires so fast doesn’t have a huge reload and hits 60 on crits. It’s the perfect harass tool since it has decent range and can be easily aimed while flying around them. I always grab the +9 to the mag since it can make the difference in getting the kill or not.

If you have any other questions about how to perform well with him just ask.

This right here.

Always juke, never stop moving and jumping. Use your flashbang to engage, secure a kill, or to escape/save an ally.
Use Q as a followup or as an escape. His ult I almost always use as an escape rather than to do damage.

I wouldn’t change anything about him. But a longer blind would seem like the perfect addition to bringing him up a tier.

EDIT: Also, to ask: Do you lean more for the gun or the blade more? I myself use the melee attack for when I go in on someone. I use the gun for harass and peel then Q in and melee them down. Other instance I use the gun is to secure a kill that managed to get away.

That’s exactly what I do. I feel the melee is just something I use to finish them while I’m reloading. I like getting the push back on myself with his dash so I’m instantly safe after landing it.

Honest question - why is the preferred playstyle that of a ground based attacker instead of airborne? I ask because I was getting clobbered trying to stay on the ground. Couldn’t make it work.

I posted in another thread (Battleborn: [B]alance TIER Caldarius) a playstyle I used after getting stomped round after round. Has anyone played him this way? Thoughts on the setup?


My strategy was kind of stay behind something or out of the way, so they’re not paying attention to me. Then, when I see and easy target I’ll rush in with the gravity whatever and the blade, and either get a quick kill or run away before they can hurt me.

Yes, I definitely agree, whatever time is to blind enemy players, is far too small, I mean the opening window is great and all, but without a slowing or stun effect, the flash by itself, is little more than an annoyance, than an actual opening act.

This is generally due to the intended effect of “disorienting” your enemies, work’s amazingly well in PvE, especially against thralls, but falls short on Battleborn’s. The reason being, is that the instinct’s of most player’s is to immediately go backward’s, which is, extremely easy, I mean, during beta’s, Caldarius was a toughy, but when he flash bangs me, I generally had a team to back me up, and more over, probably get him while he’s over extending for the kill.

That 1 second blind, is just too short and if anything, is meant for character’s like Phoebe and Thorn, to get in their attack’s. But using flash bang and then gravitic burst in tandem to get behind the enemy, has worked wonder’s for me too, but the opening for it is very short, in fact so short, I have to activate it as soon as I press it twice, and then activate gravitic burst which, while it does work well, it force’s me to over extend a bit myself since I sometimes miss the initial hit, and go further than intended.

So I do agree with the OP, in giving him 0.5 seconds extra on the flash bang, anything greater will be too much.

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