The Original OP, new character titles discussion

So, with the upcoming patch, not only will we be able to get our characters to rank 20, we’ll also have access to new titles at rank 17 and 20! One given example in the stream (I spammed Phoebe in the chat until they gave out some information on her) is that one of her new titles will be, as the title suggests, “The Original OP”. Or was it just “Original OP”? Whatever, one of those two.

Those who played the CTT will understand…

So, let’s brainstorm and theorise on what the new titles might be, or what we would like to see on our favourite characters! I’ll start by making absolutely no suggestion as I created this thread, boom.

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Just when I had a mere four titles left to obtain they add another 60.

What is this sorcery.


Do you have Window of Opportunity yet? I’m up to like 11 or 12.

Look at the bright side, now you have incentive to play Benedict again :stuck_out_tongue:

Orendi - “Framrate Killer”

Galilea - “The Unnerfable”


Unless they nerf him I’ll probably just give up on getting all titles, I’m not touching that BS in it’s current state, it’s appalling.

Yeah I got exterminator a while back, even got a 26th for good measure.

$10 bucks says they bring the requirement down to like 10 lol.

Level 20 Miko title will be “full blown gimp”



I’m hoping Miko gets something like “sentient mushroom”, Miko’s an odd one though so who knows.

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Whiskey Foxtrot “The Best Battleborn”

Shut up! It’s totally right!


I’m actually kinda hoping Kelvin’s level 20 title is called “Deep Dive”.

The did say that there would be a “Deep Dive” title! Kelvin or Alani, perhaps?

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Most likely Kelvin since the Deep Dive joke came from someone who mistaked his name for it.

I wonder what Toby’s will be…?
Taps chin thoughtfully.

LITTLE GUY obviously.

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Hmm… Could be, since Gearbox has made all his skin names things that Toby would find offensive.

I like “Friendship Raider” or “Seal Clubber” myself.

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Kleese certainly used to qualify for the title “Wide Load.”


I think they said the 17th title will be that characters “in development” name, which i think was listed on Reddit awhile ago in an unrelated post. The 20th rank title will be community/funzies.

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I love you Australians and your thoughts on Benedict. Idk why but it warms my heart

I want the Ambra title. And the Ambra skin. She’s getting her own four hour long Ops mission right? What about her own mode where you burn everything that looks at her?

So Montana is definitely “Machine Gunner.”

I hope Attikus’ tier 20 is “Big Daddy Atty…” or “Horny” :upside_down_face:

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Can i get my mentalmarmot title?

Kleese = Solus scientist ?

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