The pain of the bank: is it just me?

So I have a lot of complaints with the bank. The size. The lack of organizational options like custom tabs. The lack of search option. It all sucks huge ass. However, there is one thing about the bank that is DRIVING ME CRAZY. I assume this is a bug but I never hear anyone else mention it so I’m not sure if this is just me or if it’s just that everyone experiences it but isn’t bothered by it or what…

What happens is when you withdraw an item it will randomly reset the bank inventory page to the top. If you are already at the top it doesn’t matter that much but when you are scrolled to the bottom of the 300 slot bank…trying to withdraw multiple items and every time you withdraw something it shoots back to the top and you lose your place…then have to scroll down and figure out where you were…withdraw an item and boom…back to the top. It doesn’t happen every time but it does happen most times…this inconsistency is why I assume it’s a bug.

I’m trying to clear out old items because my bank is full but his is INSANE. Does everyone else experience this behavior or is it just me? If it’s not just me has anyone figured out a trick to make it not do this? Or failing that does anyone have any meditation techniques so I don’t get an aneurysm while trying to deal with this stupid POS bank interface??


It refreshes the inventory for me and yep, straight to the top. It might be a necessary change since we used to have item card issues a while back.

A nice addition to clearing bank items would be to build in a sell command in the bank. Just mark your items and boom, sell the clutter.


I might believe that it was intentional if it happened every time. However, for me it only does it about 50-60% of the time. I also discovered something interesting while pulling my hair out. It seems to only do it if you use the keyboard to withdraw items by pressing E. If you use the mouse and click the item to withdraw I haven’t had it happen. I only just started trying this so it may still happen but so far…hasn’t happened yet which is already far less frequently than normal so I’m happy about that.

The bank sucks…

Size is a real issue now there are so many more guns.

Need two banks. One shared and one per character.

Needs a search function.

Need more grouping options, tick box style…like group by anointment + type.

Also the guns with two elements need to show both!


If you sort by type I feel like it makes it a lot easier to navigate.

I do wish for more bank space. I have 10 pack mules LOL.


Type is often the best. But it is far too basic and frustrating… esp considering simple database programs have far better sorting parameters…


I’d like to have the option to sort things according to anointment. For instance, all the 100% SNTL cryo ones would be grouped together of all the 160% splash damage after exiting Iron Bear. Right now, it seems you either have to remember all your weapons or scroll through them all each time to see what you’ve got.

I’m hoping there saving a development of the system for when Mayhem 2.0 is introduced since it would seem vital to a) have more space and b) be able to organise your weapons by mayhem level.


There should definitely be a favorites tab at least. IDK how practical it is to have all these sorting features in the game. I feel like it would be a waste of development resources. But a fav tab, yea that would be nice.

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I personally think its essential development…

More so than adding audio to character profiles when you select them pre-game.


If it would actually remember your favorites and list them at the beginning, then the number of items in the bank wouldn’t be so bad.


Also the game should save the skins you attach to weapons. I constantly have to redo weapon skins after swapping my Cutsmans between my backpack and the bank.

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Honestly, they can just remove the stupid sorting options as far as I’m concerned. I could care less about their preset sort options as they are mostly useless in a game with hundreds of items.

Give me the options to add custom tabs that I can name and I will sort them however I want. One tab for shields, another for artifacts or favorites or WTF I want. Maybe GB needs a visualization of what this would look like…here is a 30 second video showing how awesome and easy it could be…

Then add a search option for each tab (PoE has this as well). How f*ing hard could it be to add searchable text strings? It’s not like it’s cutting edge technology FFS. One search box so we can search by name, anointment, element, stat or level. This isn’t rocket science and if their inventory system is too complicated to even have a functioning search…it’s too complicated and should be simplified.

This game would be SOOOO much more enjoyable if it had a functioning bank/inventory system that wasn’t a huge PITA to deal with.


POE also has like a million items you have to sort through. Borderlands is mostly just guns. Adding all this stuff wouldn’t be used by majority of the player base and therefore would be a waste of development time. I’d rather they spend that time fixing actual problems with the game and adding new useful features instead of something very very VERY niche.

Like better sorting options would be nice, but we don’t need to go overboard. It’s not that hard to sort through a full bank.

Never saw that in bank, but it’s common since launch when selling items in vendors.


At the very least, please group the same legendary items together.

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That’s because useless rating stats. I don’t know why they added it to the game.

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inventory or the UI in general sucks…

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Size is fine, but lack of tabs or sorting sucks.

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POE has more different types of things but BL…like POE is a “looter” game. Just because most items are similar types of items doesn’t mean there are that many less things to organize. All the RNG stats on each weapon type. All the anointments. All the class specific items. The levels of items. The endless combinations of all those things. Some people play multiple classes or even multiple versions of the same class and want a way to organize items by build types.

Maybe you wouldn’t need as many tabs as you do in POE but allowing players to break up this HUGE inventory page into manageable groups is not “niche” or “not useful” but essential for a game that already has a stupid amount of items and will only get bigger.

Their sorting options SUCK. Adding more preset sorting options does nothing to reduce the massive wall of items that a 300+ item bank displays. This is an actual problem in the game. I beg to differ…it is that hard to sort through a full bank and there is no logical reason for there not to be better organization options for items in a shared bank. I also completely disagree that it wouldn’t be used by a majority of players. I would argue it would be used by 100% of players. Why would anyone not use it? That makes no sense.

This isn’t some major game overhaul. This isn’t complicated. If a F2P game can do it there is no reason at all that GB shouldn’t be able to and if they can’t make a simple bank inventory with tabs that would be pretty sad.

Just wanted to add that at the very least they should add a search box at the top that allows us to search for any feature of an item that is displayed on the item card. That would at least give us the option of hiding all items we didn’t want to see and would make the bank a million times more manageable.


yeah, but sorting by name is pretty useless with all the prefixes hahahaha

the same gun is all over your bank :wink:

i think the OP is asking for a better sorting system then the current :slight_smile: (we’re all used to it by now but the UI could be so much better)

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