The Paperclip Magnus

So I’ve been steadily going through and tagging all the lore in the game for use in a new section on my website, and one particular character that interested me was a Magnus (that was mentioned in Pendles’ “Word of Warning” lore) that ended up killing 4 billion people (he destroyed a whole star system) in an effort to make paperclips at maximum efficiency. Since he was not named, I call him the Paperclip Magnus. Out of curiosity, I tried to Google him and found something…interesting…

So this guy was really smart and emigrated to the United States via Operation Paperclip, at Fort Bliss.

  • Bliss is the largest moon of the Nylo gas giant in the Solus System, there also is a location on Bliss called Fort Ocoban
  • The guy’s name was Magnus, which is the name given to the LLC blackbox AI
  • And this guy was involved in an operation called Paperclip

Could be a total cooincidence, but I just thought it was worth sharing! :sunglasses:


Ooooooooooooh you cracked a code we didn’t even know existed




For History!

For Science!

For Knowledge!

Gearbox are the Reference Magnus!

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killing 4 billion people because…



I in no way support genocide I swear!

I was referring to the Operation Paperclip article!



Most of the cast would be okay with this. And Jack too. We should question that more

Isn’t what we do to Varelsi technically Genocide?

They started it.


xD Touche.

@lowlines, are you ever NOT awesome at data-mining?

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This stuff isn’t really data mining. Yeah I’m pulling the Lore Text so I don’t have to type it all out (kudos to anyone that has done this though, it took ages to type up Alani, Pendles and Ernest’s lore), but all the tagging is 100% manual :wink:


Eh, i don’t know what you people call it, and i’d just as soon call it “magic”, now that my attempt to look like i know what i’m talking about has been stipped away… You want my shoes too? Huh?! JUST TAKE EVERYTHING!! -sobs-


Illuminati confirmed.

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Trump’s hairpiece is the evil behind the scenes dark Lord, Palpatine style.