The Paranormal/Weird Things Thread


Still orange for me!

I want to see these spooky circles, damn it!

Impossible in terms of what we do know thus far.

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I certainly question EVERYTHING. Mankind is flawed at its core, and we make mistakes. It used to be accepted that the earth was flat (Its not), and was the center of the universe. Anyone who said otherwise was laughed at and ridiculed. Only time and further investigation/exploration to these “crazy theories” shed more definitive light on the matter. Like the Mandela Effect, which is attributed to false memory, and probably not slipping into another dimension in a multiverse. But, while that may be accurate, multiverse theories are still relatively unknown and scary to mankind because they can’t see it or test it in a lab easily, so its theorists will be ridiculed until more time and testing has occurred. So, who knows… only time will tell.

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I really do “like” believing in paranormal stuff, and hearing them and telling them and getting spooked / freaked out by them, fair point!


Yeah, just trying to get people in the Halloween spirit. XD


So, a lot to correct here. In so many ways.

Almost never. Science rarely if ever makes absolute assertions and almost every time they do, it is because the assertion will work off of something else.

Could you bring up these scientific studies that don’t specifically add that? Which journals? Which universities? You’re make some statements here which are wholly false. More often than not when the word ‘know’ is used, again, it is because without that Aristolean assertion, there can be no progress on any debate. You’re confusing an aspect for a finality, and that is really a common mistake.

And this is where the wide world of pseudo-science comes in. No, this statement is completely incorrect. We have to make assertions as to the impossible as we often work off of them in order to better our understanding of the universe. The existence of dragons on earth has been proven as impossible. As have fairies and every other form of superstition.

Please show me this study that claims to know everything? Are you debating this with me or some unknown entity that claims omniscience. I only know of a certain set of beings who claim that, and I’ve yet to meet one.

No. You weren’t you were debating some one not present. Using talking points often leveled against the scientific community which have 0 to no basis in their study.

Again, more semantics and out of context statements.

When? When was this accepted? An urban legend. Humans knew that the earth was a sphere since the third century BC.

Oh, and while we’re at. @HandsomeCam we know the world is slightly elliptical, albeit round.

Of course you can. Where are you getting this from?

Yeah, this is the bit that caused me to write all of the above. After reading that I felt the need to. You noticed that portion of the thread where I more or less asked if I could do that? Literally sought permission to engage in this and was brought in to the debate.

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Oh! And I actually reread my entire first point.

At no point and time did I ever mention what ‘we know’. You kept telling me not to say what we know, despite me never actually using the words ‘we know’ or anyone knows. I simply spoke on ‘knowledge’. Again, mate. You were debating some one not present, with prerecorded sound bites.

Q. Where do ghosts go swimming
A. The Dead Sea


Knock knock

Who’s there

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Witch who

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Witch one of you can fix my broomstick?

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Knock knock

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Who’s there?


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Boo who?!?!

It’s just a Halloween joke there’s no need to get upset

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You should have told me that before!!

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Knock knock!


…who’s there?