The party out of space mission bug

The gear are not turning after shooting acid target


I have the same bug.

After returning to Sanctuary in the middle of this quest and coming back, it happens that the organic material doesn’t disappear after shooting acid target while the quest log ask me to boot the generator… So I’m stuck here.

By the way, well done to you Gearbox to not having implemented an “abandon quest” feature, like in 99% of modern games based on quests, in order to be able to restart this kind of buggy mess… Very smart.

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Having the same problem. Glad I’m not going crazy. My roommate walked me through it again like I was a flipping idiot only to be like, “oh… Yeah… That’s supposed to melt away…”
Shot three targets as I advanced down the hill (“followed the wire”). Got down to the bottom of the hill, where there are two Van Der Graaff generators (powered, with electricity arcing between them). Shot a corrosive valve or whatever that spews out liquid, and the blob underneath the Van Der Graaff generators doesn’t melt away. Current objectives are “Reboot Generator” and “Power up gondola”.
Guess I’ll try restarting again, then I’ll do another run through of the Moxxi DLC. Hope it gets fixed soon.

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Same problem on PC version…


When you create a new character and play only the dlc so you can play in splittscreen whit your main character and reset the quest
But you must made the quest to the point where you meets death trap and gaige

Same as your screenshot on Xbox, can’t progress past this point. So frustrating. I even tried playing through this part with other people and it wouldn’t allow me to progress

The dumb thing is that in this game, it’s impossible to abandon quests…
So when you’re stuck, you’re definitely stuck.

I wonder who’s the genius in the Gearbox team who decided not to implement such a simple and useful feature. This individual surely doesn’t deserve any bonus.

And don’t bother to send a ticket, I’m still waiting for an answer and it’s going to be a week since I sent one.

I have the exact same problem on pc (steam) anyone find a fix??

Having the same problem here on Xbox one. Can we get a fix on this?

I’m still having this issue, been dealing with it for over a month now…
This is very frustrating. I thought the new updates might jump start something and reset or one of the events might screw with it, but no luck. If anyone has a fix for this please, please, please post it because i’ve tried everything!
How can I escalate the issue with Gearbox, I’m at my wit’s end lol thanks everyone

i experienced this today…seeing as this isnt so far into campaign if u got ps plus i suggest u guys to roll back the save to before u started the guns love and tentacles . should solve the problem

Add me to the list. No apparent fix so basically wasted money on the DLC.!?

I kinda solved The problem !!! In Photomode !!! Place your Char with the back to organic Material and jump, while in air press P for Photo mode. You need to try to get into the Building and when you in there spam E while going back to game mode.

@teaoblue @aza.azathorn @abdaniel487 @josegomezf3 @jholonox
To expand on what ThePlague1987 was trying to say. Stand in front of the generator (the thing covered in go the acid won’t eat) and enter photo mode. Take the camera behind the generator beneath the two arcing tesla coils and take the camera to the floor. Go out of camera mode while spamming the use key and you’ll press the generator to activate it thus bypassing the glitch. May have to reposition but basically your using the movement of coming out of the camera mode to clip through the generator and press the button. Hope this helps.

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This worked for me thank you!!