The Passage Of Time on Different Planets

So, I was messing around when I noticed Moze wears a magic space watch that syncs to whatever planet she’s on’s rhythm. So.

Athenas, Eden 6, and Promethia have a basic clock speed of one minute every one to three seconds. It’s hard to get it precise.

Nekratafeyo and Skywell run super fast at probably 5 minutes in every 2 seconds? It’s rough trying to count. Haha. But it’s super fast.

Sanctuary exists outside of Time.

And PANDORA. Pandora runs approximately one minute every…15? Seconds. Which is WILD.


I hear the vaults change time as well.

Different size planets should have different time measurements, so I like this idea

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The Vaults seemed in line with the planets they were on, but I’m not certain because I didn’t check them specifically. I just was in Nekratafeyo’s vault last night and my watch was clicking fast. But then I was in Pandora’s vault and it was mega slow. So I came home from work today and took a few seconds on each of the planets :slight_smile:

It’s honestly really nifty.

AND TO VERIFY. I actually stood outside on Nekratafeyo and watched the world change color in proper accordance with the watch.

Honestly, this detail on Moze is so cool it’s making me happy.


It’s these touches that take the extra work and attention to detail that makes everything come alive.

Also makes me upset when I hear people call them lazy