The past few events worry me

Now I know rare spawns, anointment, and dedicated drop rates are issues for most people in borderlands. People have lives and can’t farm or have no luck. But the past few events have been rehashed content we already had and so will the next one. A raid that got easier, better loot drops, better loot drops from chests (big difference,) and a raid option going back to normal mode. Is any one else a little uneasy about this since the game came out a few months ago? Now we had a halloween event, takedown first time around, and a dlc which I loved and got me to level 2 other vault hunters just to run through it and new content takes time. But can’t us fans get a little priority in what we need like bug fixes and multiplayer fixes? Optimization to stop all the crashes and particle issues this game has? Am I the only one losing a little faith or am I just impatient?


There is a locked door on Pandora that no one has access to, the are quadrants of space on the galaxy map that could hold another 2 galaxies, there are spaces in the current galaxy for new planets/asteroids…

In regards to “fixes” I’m more inclined to think crash/particle/bug issues take time. The reason Xbox crashes for example; people will say “nothing is being done”… All the while GB employees work fulltime jobs, GB employees have been on the job all week.

I’m not worried about the events. They’re largely superfluous. They might draw me in momentarily, but it’s the DLC proper I’m particularly interested in.

Gearbox is trying new thing’s it seems. I like it, people call takedown a raid but to me it reminds me of strikes from destiny which were the most fun to me. I really wish we had events back in the day with bl2.

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These Events Are Filler, For Sure. But I Would Rather They Take Their Time And Give Us A Larger DLC Than Push Some “Morsel” Out The Door Just To Feed The Monster.

Well you have to understand as well, this game will be more intended for next gen consoles. If you look at the difference between PC and consoles, the PC looks AMAZING! So why yes they probably have a small team working for our end, the bigger team is probably working on next gen. Also half the PC player base hasn’t even touched it. Sure some went to Epic, but I got mine on PS4 until Steam release and Steam discounted sale since I already paid full price once.

There are a lot of factors spread through this whole mambajamba.

We are lucky to have them listening even though they remain quiet.

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There are 3 more DLC for this year right?

Should Be. Their Roadmap Says All 4 DLC Will Be Released By September 2020.

My assumptions:

Release on Steam = April
2nd DLC = April/May
3rd DLC = July
4th DLC+Battle pass? = September


2nd DLC = March
Release on Steam+Battle pass? = April
3rd DLC = June
4th DLC = August/September

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Oh goodness lets hope for no battle pass ever


I feel the exact opposite here. I love that they’re prioritizing actual improvements to major aspects of the game. These are things that will make me want to keep playing and affect the quality of the game long term. Hardware optimization improvements are nice and they will come, but I’m not going to be motivated to play a game just because its “optimized”. However, buffing characters, scaling end game content properly, improving rare spawns and loot drops, etc. is stuff that actually gets me excited.

Also, BL2 had a lot of stuff that needed fixed and improved, so it thrills me to see them actually making improvements this time around.


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Remind me what the interminable ghosts and temporarily available extra map fixed?

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Remind me what “event” they’ve introduced since the Halloween themed event that added actual content or added new gameplay and wasn’t simply responding to customer complaints.

Oh, did you actually think these were real EVENTS?

Can’t wait for their “Fixing FL4K and nerfing Amara” event.

Agreed, i would think it could be added to the “Events” tab from the in game gui; but that still shows for Halloween

Honestly … it’s time to take a break on border 3 (I haven’t played in a week), I’ll wait for some corrections and new content. I will definitely continue to play this game a lot, and if I make a break it is not a lack of content (recycled events) or we have bugs without concerts, but a lack of information. It would be interesting to have a clearer schedule with the upcoming events in the game. working with my expectation is
fundamental to keep me playing, now this silence is very boring!

Takedown and heist. Thats it. Very few bug fixes, heard no response from them either about long time issues

This isn’t an MMO or a live-service game, so they’re really not obligated to do ANY event period in between DLC releases.

I will agree though that labeling things as “events” when they clearly are just testing stuff is a bit disingenuous. But I’d much rather have this than them just not fixing stuff at all; so I am grateful for it.

An event is an event. If they didn’t learn something from one and apply it generally, the only difference would be that some people would have to find something else to be melodramatic about.