The patch makes the game better, please go enjoy it

I like the patch it changes the game and allows for actual feedback from the community, so stop complaining about the game being ruined every patch and find new ways to play, games evolve. BL2 didn’t start out the way everyone remembers it.

The drop rates being high was good for casual players who just want to loot and shoot and have a casual, fun time. It’s the grinding that made them change it, killing a boss and getting that many legendaries on Mayhem-3 wasn’t right.

The Queens Call as an example for equipment, it is one of my main guns. I’m still averaging a One-Minute kill on the Graveward on Mayhem-3 but Flakk has a skill that brakes the gun… they blanced it, it works fine now, for everyone

When I look at the forum I want to see debates not complaints.


Game forums are always toxic. Sad, but almost always true

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We do our best. Hopefully this place is better than some.

Use the flag system!


I love flags :us:

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