The patch that will never come?

At this point of the game i just would like too know if they are working on a patch for the handsome collection, we all know most of the problems lie in the pre sequel and the studio who made it was shut down,

But i have held off playing the game in hopes that a patch would fix it up so i can play it again, i know gearbox is working on borderlands 3 but i would just like to know if they are making a patch or not, if they are not then ill just go back to playing the game no problem, if they are i will just hold out,

it would just ease my mind alot thank you

Yes they are working on a patch. Jeff has been kind enough to pop in now and again letting us know the progress.
Here is his most recent comment on it from the other day.

so basically the only news we get is the same thing that’s been said for the past 29 days, ok, so no new news, just the same old, we are awaire and working on it and hope to have more news soon. That’s what we keep hearing. Ill beleave it when I see it, wont just take their word, it doesn’t mean anything anymore. Lets just see if they ever do fix it, hope

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B2:TPS was made by 2kGames Australia and did not have the issues that it has on the XB1. Yes that studio has been shuttered.

Armature Studio (an Austin, TX dev) was contracted to port TPS to the X1 and PS4. They are very much still open.

On a side note: From what I read 2kA was shuttered because they couldn’t get talent out to where they were and the current talent wouldn’t relocate to another part of the country.

And this is a perfect response that just makes developers and community groups really want to give you more info. I salute you with a fierce and boisterous golf clap.

just the way I feel after all the money ive spent on this franchise, and their latest track records. Still like the game in general, just lost a lot of the fun with it. But really am hoping there is a fix someday for all this, Don’t care about the BL3 pland, would just like to see what they have out get fixed, (shouldn’t have ever been released like this in the first place), prioritys you know. A shame they couldn’t fix all this before they released it, but, guess you gotta grab money where and when you can. I understand its a business and money is what its about, but would be nice that businesses understood the consumer is the only reason they are in business, just a thought

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isn’t it, yet a lot of us have made same comment, but still nothing other than what I said has been mentioned, it may change in time thow

Big patch came out today.