The Patch We Need

Gearbox, below are some fixes the community would enjoy. These fixes would go a long way to improve the game.

  1. Various performance improvements, bug , skills and crashes fixed. (i.e.) Menu lag, crashing while joining friends, and crashing while sorting mission objectives.

  2. Go back to the BL2 Vault Storage style. Have each character with a personal vault with 100+ slots, as well as a shareable bank with 50+ slots. No one wants to deal with 20+ mules to keep the items we enjoy.

  3. All cutscenes are skippable once the game has been completed once.

  4. Have the option to save loadouts for vehicles, so that we can swap between vehicle types without resetting our previous options.

  5. Mayhem can be activated from sanctuary on any character once one has completed the story (console fix). This would allow fresh playthroughs using Mayhem mode without the need to complete the entire storyline twice.

  6. Allow each boss to have a specific set of drops along side the global drops.

  7. Adjust Mayhem modifiers so they don’t completely kill some builds. Saving / Quitting repeatedly to have tolerable modifiers isn’t fun for anyone. Remove Reflect or drop it to 10-15% tops.

  8. Along with the Mayhem adjustments, make TVHM slightly more difficult. As it stands now, a character can easily smash through TVHM with even sub-par gear.

Can you please add your notes on these things in the below thread, one place is better for devs than 100’s.