The PAX South 2015 Inside Gearbox Software panel!

What’s up cats and kittens?

Just wanted let you guys know that the “Inside Gearbox Software” panel here at PAX South will be taking place at 10:30 US CST! If you’re here with us at PAX, head to the main theater and get a spot in line! We have a lot planned: giveaways from Nvidia, magic from Randy, and maybe announcement or two. Who knows?!

If you’re not here with us, don’t worry. You can stream the panel on the PAX Twitch page HERE! To clarify, that’s the PAX Twitch page NOT the Gearbox Twitch page. PAX Twitch, NOT Gearbox.

Thanks in advance for being a part of this with us!


and its starting and like always randy’s shirt is amazing

Wohooo all the bosses will respawn!

Edit: ty Chris Pelling(?)!

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Awesome update! Let’s hope they make more awesome announcements today!

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New character in 2 days and DLC is inside the mind of Claptrap, I’m sold

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Really intrigued about the campaign DLC. Really happy about the respwnable bosses.

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I hope we get tron bikes with elemental trails


But kind of needed the dlc first before adding another character. Sorry Aurelia may be fun but this title desperately needs some endgame and what about the bl3 hint that pitchford said may surface he just forget or what?

Woohoo, that surprise is fo shaw BL3!!

It does have endgame, but it depends on what you consider endgame.

Also, where will I be able to watch the 5:00pm Borderlands? will it also be on the PAX stream? Somebody said it wouldn’t.

The story dlc just takes more time than a character, but they did say we are a month or two away from respawnable bosses for endgame.

Bl3 talk would be during the last panal of the day, the borderlands one not the general gearbox one. Randy even teased it again this morning

Sadly the later panel won’t be live streamed for those who couldn’t make it to PAX South.

direct link to the video (archive for those of us who slept right through our alarms)

Actual talking starts at 13:25

Endgame is very lackluster Greasy_Broccoli, you either kill the sentinel or Iwajira, both by theway can be done sole. There is Meg, and Felicity. But not much else. No “real” raids where its almost imperative to have a friend or more with you. Id be much more satisified and Im sure others would too at a campaign versus a character. Thanks for the info Derch :slight_smile: may try to sleep before it comes on. I know it takes time for things to be done, I get that, just am chomping at the bit for more content to do.

Theres felicity, the sentinal, Eghood, lazlo, clatrap that drops 3dd1, nel, rk5, deadlift, red belly,bosen, Meg, iwa, corporal bob… might be missing some more. But you can farm them for drops. Theres plenty to do endgame. Borderlands is alot more than just farming and fighting bosses. Thats just my opinion though.

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I agree, although I hope they don’t bring back the damage sponges from BL2 just for the sake of making raids more difficult; some of us like to play solo.

Hey guys- the Borderlands Panel will be starting VERY SOON! I’ll be live tweeting all the juicy details as soon as they’re announced, so keep an eye on my twitter- @jauxking

Ok Joek is it not starting at 5 cst?

No stream?

Borderlands 3 was confirmed. @Joekgbx can you put a BL3 section in the forums now? Please? The hype is so real.