The PC Matchmaking Time Report Thread

Please include location, time of day, wait time and mode. PC ONLY.


This is an AWESOME idea!!! :heart:

Sorry, I´m not on PC, just wanted to say this is really a great idea, I wondered why only the Australians have a thread like this so far.

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One would think, with how proud folks seem to be of their loooooong wait times, someone might have posted in this thread by now.

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I’m giving this a little bump, because it’s a fantastic idea.

I’m on PS4 or I’d participate.

I’d post mine, but I haven’t played enough matchmaking games to have any significant wait times.

Time of day don’t seem to matter for me. I’m in US, I have maybe 1 hour or so a day to try and play at various times. Since I bought the game I’ve gotten into ONE multiplayer match. I give up and disconnect after 30 minutes, have other things I need to do. The one match I got in only took 5 minutes in evening so I suspect it’s related to low player counts on PC.

Using a VPN to change region made no difference.

Don’t get me wrong the game play and graphics are super cool and that one match I did get to play I had a blast and want more. If it’s due to a small PC player base they can’t fix that without increasing sales. If it’s a programming issue then they need to stop what they are doing and fix it. Either way they need to be more transparent and speak up about the obvious issue.

I saw the thread where people suggest you need to go find something to do for 30 minutes. That’s BS, again I have limited time each day. I have never played a game where matchmaking took even 30 minutes let alone longer only to fail. I’ve been an avid PC gamer since the BF2 days and have never seen a game you get to play so little for that much money.

This issue really is a game killer, feel like I threw USD $70 out the window.

Also the forced Prologue needs to go, made me repeat it after a windows reinstall I did to see if that would fix the matchmaking issue which if course it did not.

Japan ( GMT+7 ) peak times ( 19:00-24:00 )
average conectin peploes ( 700 )
(Steam down load settings US:Los)

Imposible find another pepole. always solo start or 2~3 man start.
wait time 5min

30min ~ 1hour wait .


My experience today: trying to play on Meltdown.
On PC, in France (GMT+2)
Entered matchmaking a first time at 14h37 (02:37 pm, gmt+2)
594 players online at this moment (Steam count)
Team was full at 14h46, found a match at 14h49
So 12 minutes of queue for the first match (witch went good)

Second try: entered at 15h23 (rematch option didn’t work so I was alone)
662 players online
15h47 team was full a first time
15h58 a guy left matchmaking
16h15 found a partial match (we were 5vs4)
Total waiting: 52 minutes

Download Region in Steam set to Finland EU, GMT+3 18-19, 90 minutes on Meltdown. 830 Current players.
Got absolutely stomped too, which was extremely fun and well worth the wait.

Longest Queue Time I’ve checked was 130 minutes. (Probably in the morning?)

North East USA, play evenings. I’m in queue usually 5-10 minutes, so I’m happy