The PC wallpaper showcase thread

Yep, noticed that. What wallpaper do you use on your computer or mobile phone?

Here’s mine. Yep, BL related but it’s not K.

Oh, and on my tablet I have a Corrosion of Conformity one and on my mobile phone I have K.


Taskbar is hidden on the right of the screen, just image a turquoise bar that has shortcuts to Steam, VLC, Winamp, WMP, Firefox, GIMP and File Explorer.

My old laptop’s desktop is a clusterfuck, might show it later.

Also, @joekgbx another word for the filter.

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The one with Lilith and Mordecai in the third post.

On my PC : Imminent death has never looked so amazing. Thank you, Saturn.

On my tablet :


Not enough Kyary here yet.

apologies for gross 1600x900 monitor on the right, what is this… an xbone? pls

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You sure it’s pink enough?

could be more pink if you would like it to be, buddy.

Gotta match the task bar to you background, or why exist?
Left monitor changes to Zelda wii u screenshot periodically though. Some green up in there.

Good thing I have mine set to hide on both laptops then. Though, on my old laptop the background has actually turquoise in it.

I used to have it hidden, but apparently everything for me freaks out and re-sizes when you hover over you task bar to bring it up.

My phone’s wallpaper.


This is my current wallpaper:

I made it myself. That’s my primary character in Borderlands 2. I’ve named him “Monco” after Clint Eastwood’s character in “For a Few Dollars More”. My assassin is named “Mortimer”, after Lee Van Cleef’s character in the same film.

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This is my current wallpaper on my rig


This is my current one, its glorius.


Legitimately the definition of glorious right there.

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I just saw your post of your wallpaper, not suprised honestly…

Also heres my phone wallpaper


Netbook I use for DnD

Work Laptop

I can’t show the other devices I have as they are violations of forum rules.

Desktop -

Phone -

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Also, Thorin love.

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Desktop -


Work comp 1-

Work comp 2-


Atomic Robo love. And I’ve always liked that Brock vs Wolverine pic.