The pearl artifact with AOE dmg exists?

Moxsy shows in his last zane video one pearl artifact with AOE dmg. Beem farming this for hours and not a single one appeared with it.

Does anybody have seen one with aoe os that was just modded?

It can’t. Only available bonuses are: Mag Size, Fire Rate, Reload Speed, Max Health, Health Regen, and XP Multiplier


He also has an old god with Turtle rolls but it rolls Capacity not Turtle. o.O At least as far as I’ve seen.

How are together farming this one time item?

By save scumming.

??? Sounds like an infection you get from not being safe.

Save scumming is making a backup of your save right before you get the item and then you get the item, check if you got the rolls you want then quit to main menu and load your backup to try again.

You have to change to another character tho and then back to character you save scum with.