The people that don't understand how to play

Would someone like to explain to me why 90% of the Mikos and support/medics i find suck so bad they make the game worthless to play!

I play Xbox One so if you want to team up and destroy some battleborn with me add me. xl Zim lx

It’s the thinking player’s class, but do remember that of they’re the only healer on the team, they’ll have 3 other team mates besides you to focus on. You need to keep yourself alive, too, until they can get to you. If you have a mic, use it, if you get rushed, flee if the rest of your team is elsewhere. I’d also recommend getting to know the various supports’ kits. Sure, there’s Miko and her direct healing, but you should also have an idea at about what level the rest of the supports can restore your health and how. If all else fails, try playing a support character yourself. That’s how I got into it, and I fell in love with the play style. You might be surprised.

I know how to survive my point is they don’t heal anyone at all

They do not understand how to heal or help people

I had the same issue today. The Miko was running by me all day, even when I was asking for a heal. Kept shooting at the enemy and never helped. Apparently there’s a large learning curve for some people.

Oh, please. I could heal for 150,000 in a match and still have some loud mouth message me after the game going “You’re supposed to heal, idiot! Learn to play!” Some people just whine if they don’t get their own personal pocket healer the entire match.