The Pepperbox makes an appearance!

I just got a Two-Fer Glitched Pepperbox. Consmes 4 ammo for 3 shots.

Cool as hell to see this weapon fnally get some action. Found it on Nisha, too, from the Honey Pot Mission, the one where you pay 200 moonstones.

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Really? I guess it makes sense with the yellow glitch seemingly capping fire rate for the burst, good find

Would be nice if you post a picture of it.
After the debacle of some guy trying to convince us that he could grind a Excalibastard (with luneshine nonentheless) when the game was only a month old I grew sceptic about this kind of stuff.

Its true. I’d stake whatever reputation i had on it.

I don’t have the game on, but its stats were Lvl 61. 9000ish X 3 damage (whats maggies damage at 60/61?). Consmes 4 Ammo. 23 mag size (I had Fistful of Bullets and it was at 26) I can’t remember but I think its reload was 2.3, but It did have a Jacob’s grip so I might be mistaken. You still get six shots even with high ammo cost.

Also, I should have taken a better look at my link. This Pepperbox is just the Vladof Barrel on a Jakobs pistol. Probably always spawns with x2, without two-fer.

Why do I feel like this thread is going to be a disaster…

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someone else found one.

what’s interesting is that he is reporting that his straight shootin pepperbox consumes 3 ammo. So a Two-Fer might actually be the definitive version of the weapon. Straight shootin at 81.4 accuracy vs 64.1 for Two-fer… and jakobs grip gives it 1.7 reload speed. both are going to cost you a lot of ammo. The ammo cost won’t ever let it beat a maggie, but with the glitches it might out damage it.

ust usin

I’m using them on Nisha and they are giving the luck cannons a run for its money while farming the denial subroutine.

Those stats coincide with what a pepperbox should be doing.

Honestly still kinda sceptic, but less so than with the Excali-debacle.
Would love to finally have a Pepperbox (ever since BL2 actually).

Not sure if this helps or anything but I just got this from Denial Subroutine.

I found one with nisha a few days ago and woke the whole house with my yelp of surprise.
I also kinda wish people would confirm before condemning people as it was completely uncalled for when he posted the proof in the OP.

So, wait. Is this thing LEGITIMATELY in the game now? The wiki article linked in the OP has some forum-inappropriate things to say about this weapon.

It is. There is a video in the Aurelia forums that has one, several posters across the web have attested to it, and there is photo evidence in the OP.

My brother actually got one during our first playthrough of Claptastic voyage. That hype was throgh the roof.

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Just got a Bowie Pepperbox from a glitch chest in the far corner of Motherlessboard. 2x3740, +50% melee, and full on O4L4M4A4 error code. The red glitch is like having a Vladof launcher in your hand. Sweet!

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I didn’t know you could get 4444 glitches.

Am I the only one who notices this? A Pepperbox we all know, which is a mod gun has a Vladof body and just the Jakobs manufacturer, and all “dropped” Pepperboxes have Jakobs bodies? Also, I tried it, you know, and Jakobs bodies can’t have Vladof barrels D:

That was in BL2 when you pretty much had to cheat to get them by changing the manufaturer of a gun. Take an anarchist, make it Jakobs and call it a pepperbox. Now they can be gotten legit.

If it bothers you, I can post a picture tonight.

Edit: Yes Virginia, there is a Pepperbox. Crummy picture, but here mine is in all it’s glory. With a 21.7 base fire rate, all I can say is it’s a good job it’s got a 14 bullet thingy. When it glitches red, this thing is quite literally a blast (although it’s a little distracting running around with the red glitch effect on it)

I tried to get a “Jakobs body - Vladof barrel” pistol, and the G don’t let me.

This was the first glitch gun I ever got, from the guaranteed chest near the beginning of the DLC. And now I’m hearing it’s super rare? Wow.

If that’s the case, I’m going to stop farming for that level 70 LC and just give this to Nisha when I get her to 70.