The perfect big boom blaster?

does anyone know what the perfect percentage booster drop on this shield is? thankyou.

The Wiki says 22.1%. Note that this means that some of it’s other stats will necessarily be lower by way of compensation (lower capacity, longer delay, slower recharge).

There’s also a chart showing different examples at different levels.

If there’s other loot questions you have, I suggest checking the Loot & Weapons category in the future:

hey, thanku. also just saw a vid of joltzdude139 using that 1 and realised its 22.1% lol, can always rely on the elites. if anyone has one then please let me know what u would like in return.

I got a 2.80 delay, 15.2% from pete today, was farming with a few friends:)

Here’s another incredibly helpful resource.

thanku. that 1.93 delay on bbb sounds awesome, one day :frowning:

I got one with 20.7% drop rate and 1,300,000 capacity if you want.

I’m good bro, lol I got that one the other day from a friend. love that 3 sec delay;)