The perfect shield for Blood Harvest event

The new Terror mechanic didn’t really increase difficulty by much but with this new gear the whole BH event difficulty is now easier than ever (especially because I use an heavy AS build with AS usage every 5 seconds or so xD)

Fortunatly for me, Re-Chargers are my favorite shield model and even without Terror the anointment is awesome.

Neat. Grats.

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I run a transformer and got one with the same annointment. Luv it.

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So I saw killer 6 post a video on youtube on how to glitch your character into making them invincible, I was online and it’s very simple…
Use the last stand relic that allows you 5 seconds of invulnerability when your health drops below 50%…
As your health does this and the 5 seconds start switch back to your loaded dice relic and viola invulnerable from that point.forward I went to the slaughter shaft to test it out because that’s one of the hardest and I got a total of 17 legendary drops on mayhem 3!