The Perfect Storm- A Maelstrom Stacking Method

I haven’t read the whole topic but i am wondering if someone ever mentioned the meat grinder. As i have been using it since week 2.

With storm weaving, it’s basically an anarchy from bl1 and the ammo consuption is made irrelevent. With a shock or fire element, it’s a stack machine.
What prevents me from getting higher than 250/300 most of the time is that the ennemies simply dies to fast. If they don’t, a stormfront to their feet keeps the stacks from decreasing while reloading/switching guns. With badasses, i get to 450/500 before killing them.

I usually run with 2 kwikner shock meat grinder, a shock decisive bullpup and a cryo meat grinder for flash freezing.

And that was with a shielded class mod, as i also use an amp shield with 11/5 conduit.
Why ? 'cause it’s basically a bee. As long as you have dots, you are invincible. High stack will get conduit to recharge your amp shield 5 to 6 times per seconds.

I have recently got my hand on a cellestial class mod with +27 RoF and i never knew it worked so well with this build.
Aspis regen is up the roof, it also get5.5 more seconds of use, conduit is boosted and gun kata get’s to +30% more gun damage. No point in clarity of purpose for health gating reasons and hte last skill raise the reload speed to +50% which takes the meat grinder reload speed to regular smg reload speed. And the only time you will reload is between fight as a 190~ mag size with free ammo consuption will never get deplated.

I have foregone flash freeze for more dps against heavy hp ennemies and it works, the stormfront keeps the stacks from decaying.
The dlc lv9 arena is a pain and the sinergy between conduit, storm weaving and amp shields might get to even more broken levels with the rerouter amp shield, cellestial class mod and the meat grinder.

I’d like to test it to see if i can farm the lv9 arena solo with that setup but nobody seems to know where to farm the rerouter yet. As it is now, what i miss is a way to instantly regen my health against the most brutal badassess from the lv9 arena. I got a few time to the end of vague 1 or 2 and stared at the last badasses for a few seconds with no aspis out while tanking damage and having my shield always up thanks to conduit but the lack of healt regen to get past the healt gate is what get me dying in solo. I do hope the rerouter might help with that.

What was the FR on the meat Gründe again? I think the fast talker is unparalleled when it comes to fire rate on a smg.

Interesting idea with the Rerouter. Why not try to grind one?
One thing I really have trouble with is to keep stacks going when small fries just die too fast and the badasses take their sweet time to spawn. Huge strain on ammo…

I’ve never tried it but the Meat Grinder sounds promising if it has multiple pellets per shot. I’ll have to go farm one up to test. If it gets past the FR breakpoints for me it can definitely be an option.

It’s 8.3 with a x3 pellet count.

The real problem for stacks is to actually have something to hit. In the arena, between flying mobs and the one that dies instantly, getting past 100/150 is a problem if there is no badass on the ground :s

I just tried with the celestial gladiator CM to kill a second time eclipse/eos and i got them on my first try in probably less than 10 min.
I had to run a few time to regain health, i could probably have tanked it and not move an inch with a rerouter. Also, if there is a way to stop eos from regenerating his shield, it would have taken a lot less time, as i spent more time running from the mob he spawns and waiting for him to recharge his shield than i spent fighting it.

As for grinding a rerouter, i tried. I didn’t get one. Also, i can’t farm the arena, turns out the chest stay locked and the mission goes directly from killing the last ennemi to finished, so no chest to loot.

I think i am done with TPS for the moment, no way to loot any of those new toys is a pretty big problem to me and suck all the enjoyment out of the game :confused:

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With the level increase, how are you going to put the 10 points? @BookEmDano @Ha_Na

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Right now I’m going with Stalwart and Superconductor:

But I’m also going to try a spec with Omega Senshu:

What about you?

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I am thinking about something like this:


I went with that build:

I am not too sure about epicenter though, since i rely on stormfront to keep the dot instead of flashfreeze, i do not smal that much to get free grenade from my ozkit.
Mercurial and Omega Senshu for better survival.
Mercurial get you more DR and speed to avoid attacks, omega senshu help killing boss and badasses faster once they get under 50% health… and that’s generally when they start going frenzy. Which is when you need to finish them of faster.

Is prepare for glory even that usefull at one point, you can gain what, between 6% to 10% at best from it ? Just asking, never tested that skill.

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I was very tempted to do the same and run Hologram.


Primarily to draw aggro for coop. Keep in mind that it stacks with the number of enemies striking the Aspis so there is greater potential with it. It’s also really helpful if you’re running Superconductor.

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Running this.

Works with the Femme Fatale, Rainbow hologram and both storms.


I like the utility and DPS of your build. I’m leaning more towards defense now so I’m opting for Defender class mod with the option of Storm for raids.

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Conduit doesn’t always proc for some reason, so even with rerouter you need to move around a bit.
Btw, the zx-1 homes in on EOS even when he phases out to recharge his shield. No damage, but very easy to keep up stacks. Then you just have to feed Unrelenting, which is easy with all the mobs.

EDIT: for your edification

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This is what I would use if the goal were to use Defender generally and then Purple Storm for bosses.

Last point can go wherever, such as Hades’ Shackles, Return Fire, or Vanguard.

You know how I like Return Fire. Otherwise those 4 points could easily go into United Front.

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Really nice boss build. Mine looks very similar with Surging Storm. Only significant difference would be a 5 point investment in Prepare for Glory. I like its potential a bit more versus Ephodos since all the boss fights incorporate minions.

In terms of a more generalized build I actually just posted my level 70 build that I use and I’m doing the exact same as you, switching between Defender for mobbing and Storm for bosses. I contemplated Xiphos with the 10 points from the level 70 cap but chose to invest in Superconductor and Stalwart, and move four points from Flash Freeze to make Prepare for Glory 5/5.

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So what’s a man gotta do to get a Hyperion shock quad? Are they super rare or am I just super unlucky?

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They are very rare. I settled on a Crowdsourcing 3-barrel at 60 and got very lucky against EOS to be rewarded a Development at 70. I found a lot of non elemental Hyperion shotties which doesn’t help any but it’s still encouraging to see. Iwajira, Sentinel, and EOS are all very good to farm for these.


Collect those blue shotguns son! And kill bosses with lootsplosions, they always have a few purples.

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I’m liking the MINAC’s Atonement laser as a closer. It does fire, shock, and corrosive damage so it’s great for stack building and melting armored enemies.

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If you have one, I’d say the Thunderfire surpasses it. But the extra corrosive damage is indeed useful, and it does crazy stuff with the elemental mutator. Also, fun fact: it has splash damage that can hurt you, but the aspis doesn’t absorb it. Shame, I was lookijg forward to prismatic bulwark shenanigans

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