The Perfect Storm- A Maelstrom Stacking Method

Since I have 5/5 Flash Freeze I was considering going with a purple Raging Storm and taking those extra four points and put them into Prepare for Glory and make that 5/5. I’m not sure Ephodos is better than Invictus but I’m guessing you have a pretty good explanation why you think so :slight_smile:

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I figure I get more damage out of it over the 16.5 to 22 (depending on class mod) seconds Aspis is up than I’d get out of the toss. And I like the movement speed.

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See I’m trying to get in the habit of throwing it sooner than later once I get full charge. Hanging onto it the full time for me generally means I throw it at nothing. Plus I’m wearing a Fabled Tortoise with 5/5 Conduit and high stacks. Aspis is really my second line of defense and when it’s active I’m looking to use it as a weapon.

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Well, in that case it actually does something for you.

It still pleases me to see how different people’s playstyles can be with Athena and still be effective. Even with very similar specs.

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Also, you could let 1 point into Unrelenting too to get the COM bonus. This way you would have 8 points, what allow you at least 3/5 in Omega-Senshu and still 5/5 in Unrelenting and Flash Freeze. I think that Storm Weaving at 9/5 and Unrelenting at 5/5 is enough fire rate

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Ok some math to illustrate the difference between 5/5 Unrelenting (.3%/stack) and 10/5 Unrelenting (.6%/stack).

Assuming 10/5 Storm Weaving active (75% Fire Rate) in all cases and using the base fire rate of the Practicable Thinking in the video (4.0 Fire Rate)

Mid- to upper fire rate breakpoints on console exists at 4.29, 5.0, 6.0, 7.5, 10, 15, 30 (max)

The formula for calculating breakpoints on console is:
where X is your base fire rate of weapon and Y is your total fire rate bonuses (Storm Weaving+Unrelenting)

####With 5/5 Unrelenting+100 stacks (+30% Fire Rate)
30/4=7.5 actual Fire Rate

####With 10/5 Unrelenting+100 stacks(+60% Fire Rate)
30/4=7.5 actual Fire Rate

So no difference at 100 stacks

####With 5/5 Unrelenting+200 stacks (+60%)
30/4=7.5 actual Fire Rate

####With 10/5 Unrelenting+200 stacks (+120%)
30/3=10 actual Fire Rate

So there is a difference at 200 stacks, lets continue…

####With 5/5 Unrelenting+300 stacks (+90%)
30/3=10 actual Fire Rate

####With 10/5 Unrelenting+300 stacks (+180%)
30/3=10 actual Fire Rate

Back to parity at 300. But what happens when we hit 334 stacks?

####With 5/5 Unrelenting+334 stacks (+100.2%)
30/3=10 actual Fire Rate

####With 10/5 Unrelenting+334 stacks (+200.4%)
30/2=15 actual Fire Rate

On console, you wouldn’t see 15 actual Fire Rate with 5/5 Unrelenting until you hit 667 stacks.

Is 30 Fire Rate cap possible with the Practicable Thinking? Yes!

####With 10/5 Unrelenting+959 stacks (+575.4% fire rate)
30/1=30 actual Fire Rate

So you can see these small climbs that I was referring to in the OP that you need to overcome on console. Interestingly, with the Focus Group and it’s much slower fire rate of 2.2, I still hit 15 actual Fire Rate at 844 Maelstrom stacks.

I should also emphasize that if you normally manage less than 300 stacks then 8/5 Unrelenting (+.48%/stack) is arguably closer to optimal with the right gear.

Using the same conditions as above (4.0 base fire rate and Storm Weaving active)

100 stacks=7.5 actual Fire Rate
200 stacks=10 actual Fire Rate
300 stacks=10 actual Fire Rate

At 417 stacks you would achieve 15 actual fire rate.


I see. Thanks for the reply!
I play on PS3, so is good to know this actually

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I wish more people would do this.

Looks like how much Unrelenting you want depends on the number of stacks you care to get, the Fire Rate softcap you’re comfortable with, and the base Fire Rate of the weapons in question. The numbers looks a little different with, say, Bullpup. The higher Fire Rate on Thinking gives it an edge for a stack-builder, though the damage and mag size are lower, meaning Bullpup has better DPS. But that’s what you have Focus Group for, anyway.

Similar calculations went into my Sal builds. I can’t tell you how many times people told me I should have had Keep Firing in a build that already achieved 30 Fire Rate on Anarchist without it.

I actually think it’s well worth getting as much as possible in this particular setup, because the sooner you cap, the faster you build said stacks.

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Best conclusion ever. Thank you for this.

My build is obviously on an extreme end but I only intended to show a method for stacking as fast as I’ve found possible but it certainly doesn’t make it optimal for every build. I hope everyone understands that and finds what works best for them.

There was a video linked in here at some point (video doesn’t exist anymore) where the player used something VERY close to what you’re describing (using a Bullpup and then a development) …but at some point when he got to roughly 990 stacks, he brings out a freaking Nukem! and proceeds to shoot something like 30 times in less than 5 seconds… no ammo spent :stuck_out_tongue:


I remember that vid - my gob was well and truely smacked…

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Quick question, what parts do you guys suggest for the Fabled Tortoise shield?

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Pangolin or Anshin if you’re going for largest capacity.


Well that’s good; I think mine is all Pangolin haha

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At 700 stacks you can fire at no cost :slight_smile: Here’s with the Mongol.


I think I found this video.


Yes, that’s the one!
Kuddos for finding it

Thanks. I had it bookmarked cuz I liked it and was gonna try it myself. But then Clappy came along the way and now I find myself SWABbing through TVHM.

I was just thinking, 1/5 Prepare for Glory is probably better for bosses…and then 5/5 for mobs. So if you were using a purple storm COM you can freeze a minion on the side and have more time to use your big Maelstrom count against whoever you’re facing.

Good suggestion. I’m still trying out different lengths of Flash Freeze. But 5/5 Prepare for Glory is a good option. I need to calculate the difference, if any, that running the purple Storm mod has with my gears.