The Perfect Storm- A Maelstrom Stacking Method

There was a video linked in here at some point (video doesn’t exist anymore) where the player used something VERY close to what you’re describing (using a Bullpup and then a development) …but at some point when he got to roughly 990 stacks, he brings out a freaking Nukem! and proceeds to shoot something like 30 times in less than 5 seconds… no ammo spent :stuck_out_tongue:


I remember that vid - my gob was well and truely smacked…

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Quick question, what parts do you guys suggest for the Fabled Tortoise shield?

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Pangolin or Anshin if you’re going for largest capacity.


Well that’s good; I think mine is all Pangolin haha

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At 700 stacks you can fire at no cost :slight_smile: Here’s with the Mongol.


I think I found this video.


Yes, that’s the one!
Kuddos for finding it

Thanks. I had it bookmarked cuz I liked it and was gonna try it myself. But then Clappy came along the way and now I find myself SWABbing through TVHM.

I was just thinking, 1/5 Prepare for Glory is probably better for bosses…and then 5/5 for mobs. So if you were using a purple storm COM you can freeze a minion on the side and have more time to use your big Maelstrom count against whoever you’re facing.

Good suggestion. I’m still trying out different lengths of Flash Freeze. But 5/5 Prepare for Glory is a good option. I need to calculate the difference, if any, that running the purple Storm mod has with my gears.

Holy snot. XD

Have you ever run out of shotgun ammo in the Holodome? I tried this on the BA round with two other friends so I’m not sure if I’m just not using Elemental Barrage correctly. This build is strong but definitely takes some getting used to haha

No, I’ve never had issues with this. I still have to check ammo boxes like everyone else but as long as you continue to swap weapons every 9 seconds Elemental Barrage will help you a lot. What weapons are you using?

Enforceable Bullpup and Practicable Development + Fridgia and Nukem. Good setup??

That’s a very good selection. Development is good at 400 stacks with Elemental Barrage so save it for the bigger enemies. A more functional explosive weapon aside from Nukem will really help you out in there. I normally use an explosive rifle to take out frozen enemies. Fatale gets a lot of kills for me too. One last thing I try to do to conserve ammo is throw Aspis on frozen enemies.

Thanks for the tip! I knew not to switch to the Development until I had high stacks but I wasn’t keeping track of Storm Weaving / swapping away from the Bullpup so that must be where my ammo issue came from. The Nukem saved my ass a few times but just barely, so maybe a Fragnum or a Mongol would be more effective.



Casual prefix?

Torgue grip, casual prefix