The Perfect Team?

In your opinion, what five heroes would make the best overall team for any kind of game type?

My five:

  • Orendi & Caldarius to manuever the battlefield quickly and deal cluster damage to minions and other enemies
  • Ghalt to disrupt the battlefield, create confusion, and take the majority of enemy damage output.
  • El Dragón to clean up the messes, especially those stunned by Ghalt’s Scraptrap or pulled in by his hook.
  • Miko to counter the low-overall health of his team by focusing solely on healing.
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I’m not sure about any gametype but I would say for incursion something like

Marq - (it always seems like a good marq is a huge advantage)
Miko - (best heals)
Shield support
Tank - Isic, Gal, mont

I just have this feeling that when a meta begins to form it will be Marq and 2 support, 1 heal 1 shield

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This is for Incursion as that is the mode which involves the most teamwork:
1x Ranged Tank - ISIC or Montana
1x Healer - Miko, Ambra or Alani
1x Wave Clear - Thorn or Oscar Mike
1x DPS - Marquis or Rath
1x Shielder - Kleese

Montana > ISIC early, ISIC is for late game. If you have a Kleese, have an ISIC as well.

Thorn and OM for their superior wave clear and survivability.

If you’re running Kleese you don’t need a heavy healer like Miko. Ambra can set up Sunspots the same way Kleese sets up Energy Rifts, mass area denial until level 5 then Kleese can use Black Hole to pull enemies into Ambra’s Extinction Event. Great synergy.

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If no Kleese, run Miko/Montana and a disruptor like Ghalt or Attikus.

Good points. However I think Kleese and Miko can work well together with a decent Montana/ISIC tank player as it basically makes him indestructible.


Could probably beat everything.


So, really 2 potential teams, with specific roles. Sniper, push/harass, assassin, tank, support.

Alani/Miko (pending alani nerf incoming)

I’d almost prefer Reyna over Miko, but that stun is just too sexy.

Honestly, with that comp if the enemy team takes better push you will just get straight camped if you don’t take OM/Thorn over Melka. Alani doesn’t push well till level 4 and if you end up taking Miko then you’ll really be in trouble.

You could then trade Melka for Toby/Marquis if you wanted but she’s sort of a big risk with how games are played in Incursion. However, Toby’s ability to turtle is what gives him the slight edge here.

So far from what I experienced :
Miko + alani + whatever-who-care-alani-and-miko-are-so-broken-any-battleborn-will-do

(can you feel the salt from my answer ?)