The (Perhaps) Unforseen Disaster of 4x Experience

I’ll try to keep it short. While I was originally excited about the idea of this past weekend’s 4x Experience (Let’s shorthand to 4XE) during Lootpocalypse 2, it’s backfired on me in a huge way.

Before 4XE, I had completed everyone’s lore, and had about 50% of the Battleborn at level 15 (Mastered). The 6-8 people I group with pretty regularly were either around there themselves, or had less completion than me. Unfortunately, the 4XE combined with the Platinum-purchasable experience booster made it so that you could level a character to 15 in 3 to 5 missions, depending on length, or so I’ve been told. I had no characters under Level 11, but I was leveling 11s and 12s to 15 in just 2-3 missions.

This, combined with the desire to play a whole lot of games to capitalize on Lootpocalypse, resulted in most of my group getting all of their Battleborn to 15 in one weekend. And now … many are talking about or have begun taking a break from Battleborn, as they feel little incentive to continue playing. This is a very different take from the common pre-4XE stance, which was “I’d just like to Master all the chars so I can play who I like without feeling like I’m wasting my time when I play my favorite already-mastered characters.” I’m not sure what caused the change in attitude, but it changed nonetheless.

I wasn’t previously crazy about the idea of a “Prestige” system that may have lobbied for these past few months, but that was when almost no one had Mastered all the characters, and I saw them as having lots things remaining to achieve, albeit perhaps not on their favorite Battleborn. Now that many have mastered all or nearly all of the Battleborn, it’s more important than ever to provide some other sort of incentive. It’s true that lots of people enjoy playing and could care less about mastering or lore, but there are also many, many achievement-minded folk who suddenly believe they have nothing left to achieve.

A substantial playerbase exodus at this fragile stage could finally be the nail in the coffin for Battleborn, and I’d hate to see that happen. This is a ridiculously good game, and I’m baffled that it isn’t vastly more popular, but we still need to deal with the population issues in front of us.


Yup, all of my chars are level 15, most are mastered, there is indeed a danger in reaching your Goals.


Glad I still have a lot of work to do!

Before last weekend, I only had 5 characters left to get to 15.

I had SWORE to myself before the weekend I would only use level 15 plus chatactwra overvrhe weekend.

However, alcohol made a liar out of me and by Sunday I had every character at 15.

And I only have 11 characters to Master and they are the most annoying, tedious, shoot-yourself-in-the-face lore challenges, so…


Shot myself in the foot.

Battleborn has definitely been significantly slower this week!


It’s so strange to me. I play with a bunch of people who spent forever playing characters they loathed because their favourites were “already mastered,” and all it did was make for some miserable matches full of griping. And now they do indeed seem to be at a loose end. I don’t know what to make of it.

Meanwhile, I have over 110 hours in my chosen character. I’ve ignored every bonus xp event since launch, including quad. For the longest time, I didn’t even have the level 2 title for most of the cast. XP and lore challenges are totally arbitrary measures of completion - the fact that quad XP was a thing really drives this home, as rank 15 now honestly means nothing. But perfecting my cross-map canister snipe: now that is something people will notice, and a measure of progress that can’t be made easier by setting a multiplier on the server.

I sympathize with your mysterious plight, but I can’t understand it. This is a game - we progress by getting better at it. Surely we’re finished only when we’ve achieved such mastery that we no longer feel challenged or awed by the skills of others. I know I’m a hell of a long way from that. :wink:


I certainly foresaw this and I don’t know why Gearbox didn’t see this from well…Battleborn’s inception.

There should never be a cap on progress unless you intend for people to stop playing. The caps combined with the multiple XP boosts they’ve done over the months tell me that this game just isn’t dying fast enough for the devs and they’d like to help it along. It’s just mind boggling to me.

I had little incentive to play during the lootpocalypse as it was, but when I heard about the 4x XP weekend, I immediately switched to another game.

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I like this, team up with me. :P. But same I usually only play with the characters that I Like and try to get better with them. I only achievement hunt if I’m bored.

I mastered all the characters prior to the 4x event and at first it felt good, but after a day or two I started to feel not so motivated to play the game. I always need that grand prize to be motivated to do something.
Now my last objective in this game - to get all the titles. And even those are quite easily achievable (except fours sensitive - this just needs a good portion of luck). I even got pentastrike several days ago - another big objective out of my to-do list.

I’m left with ~12 locked titles to completely complete everything in this game. Fours Sensitive and that 12 ult kills in a match are the only difficult ones. Eventually I will get those and I think that will be it for me.

I hope they will implement some new mechanics so that players like me can grind for that new unachievable achievement ^^

And yes, they made a very bad decision by doing 4x event, even 2x event is already super good. 4x was way over the top and felt like a cheat. (3x was too much too)

That’s a lot how one of xbone friends plays. She only picks her top three or four favorites, and rarely plays anyone else. It always baffled me, but after I completed everyone’s lore I started to understand a little bit better. Getting achievements and in-game rewards are all well and good, but it’s easy to forget we play games for fun.

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I’m saying the following to play devil’s advocate as its partly my experience:

It could also be a case that people played PVE/PVP that repeatatively over thr 4xp weekend that they are just got over playing.

During that weekend I played private story so 4xp didn’t benefit me in the slightest and only grinded story missions out enough to get one legendary I wanted and then stopped playing PVE too cause of BattlebornBurnout.

I’m a completionist so I totally get people may lose motivation to play, but I’m also curious how many hours everyone clocked up all up and if 4xp was only the catalyst for their breaks from the game…

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So what you are saying is there is no end game content and with no competitive mode, there is little keeping you here?

If only GBX had plans for a prestige system that we have been calling for since May this may not have been a problem.


The lack of foresight on GBX part is a little alarming. Surely someone must have thought about players hitting the 100/15 level cap? Did they have such little faith that they assumed the game would be dead before anyone reached the caps?

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I wish that’s how it worked for me, but the completionist in me won’t allow it.

I got all characters up to 15 through the various +xp weekends, and I find myself enjoying the game more now knowing that everyone is done and I can freely pick the character that I feel like playing at that moment or that will fit the team composition best.

It’s almost like a feeling of freedom. I can’t say I’m “great” with any character in particular, as my attention was divided, but I’m really enjoying learning the intricacies now without the weight of knowing I’m playing a mastered character while another is not.

I’m a weirdo though.

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So leveling all your characters to 15 is the milestone to quit the game?

Maybe they wanted to quit to begin with.

I have all characters at Level 15, but it doesn’t mean I know how to all of them effectively. It also doesn’t mean I have managed to complete their lore challenges. Truth be told, some of the characters I would never use, they simply don’t appeal to me whatsoever.

Such a fatigue sets in because there aren’t any post max level reward system in place. I don’t even get additional loot packs for my continuous playing after maxing out everything, people become disenfranchised to keep spending time on a game that no longer rewards them for their time invested.

Some players get very testy once they feel that their time at a certain point is wasted.

The way I play this game now is to grind as many credits as possible in the shortest amount of time (and least effort possible) for the next discount event. I don’t think that this was the intended effect for this game, and yet here I am doing whatever it is I’m doing since this is all there is right now.

Ironically, my attitude has actually made it harder for me to keep playing - I can’t find any PVP games (certainly not with a good connection), and while I could do lore/XP stuff instead, the idea doesn’t motivate me at all. :frowning:

My long-term plan is to stick it out to the 3v3 mode, then arrange lots of private matches…

This sums me up perfectly!

I love being able to play whoever, whenever! Working on the last six titles (Triple and Quads will be more luck than anything), but even then I’ll play!

Wish everything was cross-platform… I’d love to have a go at a few people on here, lol!