The pets have been weak lately do to mayhem 10 for xbox

recently whenever I have played borderlands 3 my pet doesn’t help out as much and sometimes when it goes into direct battle in the game it immediately dies then since my pet is dead my fight for your life goes stupid fast even if I can kill that person in about half the fight for your life time I’ve even put on the double downer shield while having the loot artifact that gives me a boost of fight for your life whenever I would have my pet in battle while farming a boss after I used fade away and entered fight for your life my pet walked right past me even though i was next to it causing me to re spawn and do it all over again the last thing is that even though i have change my perks for my action skill it still keeps it on 3 bullets per action skill and I’ve reload in to the game several times but it doesn’t work could you please fix this because it’s getting harder to use flak.