The Phobia thread (Official)

Not sure if it’s acrophobia or “Fear of falling”, but it’s at the top of my list followed by entomophobia.

The night is dark and full of terrors.
The dark. I’m afraid of the dark. Because I’m a child.

People scare me too.

Speaking too, especially if it’s to strangers.

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Heights. Also, huge freaking spiders.

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Crippling fear of insects.
Used to have a have of heights.

@Kitty_Jo/@xmngr: +darkness, although for me it’s more being unable to see if I have to move about. As for people, I don’t think I have any specific ones.

@wpack329: Definitely heights and bugs/spiders. Also, that is a huge-ass spider.

@PoeticNova: Damn, entomophobia is WAY more common than I thought.

Also, social phobia.


The night. I’m okay with darkness in a house, but darkness outside scares the crap outta me.

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I actually love darkness. I do have social anxiety, though, and I hate driving. Also, calling people on the phone.

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Hyper. Muscular. Orendi… You know your not coming out of that fight alive…

(Yeeeaah, I’m trying to make nightmare fuel!)

I’m not sure if this is an ‘‘official’’ phobia, but I have a ridiculous fear of crabs and lobsters (or crustaceans in general).

I also have a fear of checking my E-Mails. In fact, I have over 60 unread messages since December…

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I think there’s a phobia for everything lol.

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[quote=“Eel37, post:13, topic:1371665”]I’m not sure if this is an ‘‘official’’ phobia, but I have a ridiculous fear of crabs and lobsters (or crustaceans in general).[/quote]It is.

Heights and Unmarked Windowless White Vans with no Work Equipment Attached.

I’m also not a big fan of touching snakes, but looking at them or thinking about them doesn’t really freak me out.

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A huge one for entomophobia…:

. . . . . Yeah… No… I’d be screaming from Middle East Asia, swim to alaska… Go to Transylvania, and steal Dracula’s coffin/bed, and hide in it, until those thing’s, no longer exist…

Or maybe get a Super Buff Orendi to just, wipe 'em out.

I have a completely irrational fear of snakes. They scare the hell out of me to no end . . .

Not really a phobia, But I do get scared by the sounds of the Emergency Alert System.

I’M used to them xD

It just hit me today, but is there one for fragile stuff, ESPECIALLY glass? Not so much them as handling them.