The Pimp.....Some Questions

I have not used the Pimp much at all…yet everyone else seems to use it a LOT! I know I am missing out since it is considered Zer0’s best Sniper. So some questions.

  1. How much Velocity can you spec before the Pimp begins to go haywire?

  2. If I Spec Velocity at 10/5…will that negatively affect it’s slagging ability or is the slag mostly from the main hit?

  3. Does Precision negatively affect the Pimp at all?

  4. Are any other of Zer0’s skills considered “bad” for the Pimp?

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  1. I go with 0 but I guess you could compensate for 1 or 2 points.

  2. Yes it would since at those points all the child pellets would miss and they add to the slag change as well as do most of the weapons damage.

  3. Nope. Not sure if it actually effects it in any positive way either. I never really bothered trying. Certainly doesn’t hurt though.

  4. It can be hard to get proper secondary shots if you are using 2F but I know some people have it and get the results.

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If used strictly for slagging, I’ve gotten very good results with 6/5 on Maya’s Accelerate. Shoot at the feet or knees. I would definitely not go any more than that. Even for damage I was able to one shot with a slag Pimp at 6/5 using a Bee.

If it’s going to be a source of damage, it won’t be good enough.

Try shooting at a wall as you gradually spec into Velocity and you’ll see the height increase between the 1st and 2nd pellet. This might help to gauge what’s acceptable.


Remember that 5/5 for Maya is 1/5 for Zero.


Noted. It’s a long time since I’ve played Zero.

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Anything above 1/5 will cause the child pellets to overshoot your target’s head. The more points you have in it, the lower you’ll need to aim to get any of the child pellets to hit.

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I fought going 0/5 Velocity for a long time. So glad I let go of that compulsion to chase damage %. The Pimp is more efficient without it. I run with 4/5 Two Fang as a general rule, and I enjoy how that plays with the Pimp. At 0 Velocity, I have a little wiggle room for the second shot’s impact height. The second shot from TF connects solidly nearly every time, even if I’m hip firing. Consequently, I make use of that often.


Been playing with Pimp just since recently too. One thing I noticed that slag pimp isn’t as reliable at slagging single targets as Maliwan parts slag Snider. Have to hit child pellets too for guaranteed chance to slag.

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[quote=“Gulfwulf, post:6, topic:1556579”]Anything above 1/5 will cause the child pellets to overshoot your target’s head.[/quote]…for traditional groin/thigh shots on standard humanoid targets, no? One to two should still allow you to get the desired multi-crit headshot with a ground shot.

I’d say one point is a safe bet; you can easily compensate for that, and this allows you to buff Vel0city with other COMs to +6 if you want to use it in that way without rebuilding.

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